12 Affordable And Elegant Flowers For A Wedding

12 Affordable And Elegant Flowers For A Wedding

12 Affordable And Elegant Flowers For A Wedding

Whether you are looking for flowers for everyday or wedding, flowers can get costly. However, choosing the right flowers at the right time can make all the difference. You have various options with various colours and sizes for different seasons. For descent bouquets you may use a florist who can give you a bouquet that is creative and original. While sending roses to a loved one or adding them to your wedding bouquet works for many occasions, here are some other flower options to think about:


  1. Alstroemeria

People also call it Peruvian Lily, These Flowers are available in more than 150 colors and different combinations from white to Golden, Yellow, Red, Pink etc..

Blooms Producing season : Late Spring or Early Summer

  1. Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath are favorable flowers for a bride. It looks gorgeous with long ribbons. It looks amazing when we make the crown of it that are quite delicate.

Blooms Producing season : Summer

  1. Carnation

Carnations are tall and lengthy. And they are one of the long lasting bloom from all. They look better after arranged in bouquets.

Blooms Producing season : Late Spring



  1. Chrysanthemum

These Blooms have lush, exotic blossom in multiple colors. There are multiple choices, you need to be sure what kind of mums you want to buy. Florist mums are big blossoms while garden mums are small in size and more compact as compared to florist mums.

Blooms Producing season : Late Summer Or Fall

  1. Daisy

Best thing about Daisy flowers is that they grow naturally while blossom. Besides this, they’re available in any colors under rainbow like purple, blue, neon green…

Blooms Producing season : Late Spring

  1. Freesia

Freesia is the most long lasting blooms. As it can last up to 3 weeks in a vase. You may be amazed by knowing that eight blooms grow on one stalk, And they are available in multiple colors like white, yellow, pink, purple etc..

Blooms Producing season : Spring



  1. Gladiolus

Gladiolus can grow between two and six feet tall. It comes in a range of different colors. It will become a part of attraction to keep it as a centerpiece. Its tall size and texture are the most famous attraction.

Blooms Producing season : Summer

  1. Queen Anne’s lace

Queen Anne’s lace adds awesomeness while mixed with other blooms in bouquets and are suitable for a bride who don’t want much greenery in her bouquets. It simply resembles with baby’s breath because of its small blossoms but their flat-topped cluster differ them from baby’s breath flowers.

Blooms Producing season : Late Spring

  1. Sunflower

Sunflowers are flowers that are very known to us and it has something which can make you refresh, joyous and happy. We can shed its petals and spread them around the desired location which can make the place beautiful.

Blooms Producing season : Summer



  1. Wax Flower

Wax flowers are little valley of lily that will be a great filler for bouquets, corsages, bouts, or center.

pieces. It comes in range of two colors.

Blooms Producing season : Spring, Summer And Fall

  1. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is called national flower of Japan. It represents beauty of life. It has pink little flowers, it indicates feminism as per culture of china. You can gift these flowers to your close friends. It is also known to build strong bonding.

  1. Forget Me Not

As the name denotes, there are some moments that should be forever alive. It should never be forgotten by related ones. It represent deep soul feelings. You can give this to your partner while he/she will go to any trip or relocate. These flowers convey deep feelings.

You can take any of above flowers at reasonable price and have beautiful textures, colors and sizes. Besides these, Roses are as always best option which is available at lower cost and are center of attraction. Also, there are more options like Hydrangeas, Solidago and Alstroemeria.




Written by Daniel Clark
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