GOTO CNE: The Legend of the Funnel Cake

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Funnel Cake from the CNE

The name Funnel Cake comes from the way the dish is prepared, which is pouring batter through a funnel into hot oil that results in a swirly, thin and crispy cake… Are you drooling yet?

The origin of the funnel cake is still debatable. Some say that the dessert was created by the Pennsylvania Dutch, a group of German immigrants who landed in Pennsylvania before the 19th century. Proof of this was in a German cookbook in 1879 where the funnel cake was first seen and soon in an English cookbook which it appeared in 1935. The reality is that many cultures have produced variations of funnel cake and over the years, many recipes have been worked and used at many amusement parks, sporting events and of course, the Toronto CNE! Regardless, this delicious treat has become one of the most popular desserts in America.

With the battered goodness that no one can deny, Funnel cakes have become a delight around the world, with different cultures adapting their own variations of sweet fried dough, including strauben in Austria, tippaleipä in Finland and flancati in Slovenia.

If you haven’t given funnel cakes a try, I advise that you do so immediately! You can get a tasty version at the CNE until September 2nd which is this coming Monday. If you are looking to make your own and impress your friends, try out this easy recipe here.


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