Decorative Throw Pillow DIY

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The tree is down, the holiday lights are unplugged and the festive red and green decor is put away for the year. Steer clear of the winter blues by creating a decorative piece to lift your spirits.

I am a sucker for neutral colours when decorating. White, ivory and grey can be seen from room to room, so it is easy to add a statement piece without breaking the bank. Adding in a touch of colour (my go-to is either pale blue or plush pink) is a simple way to jazz up a room.

Get ready for a simple project that you can use, reuse, and change from season to season. Full disclosure- this DIY is easy, but takes a little time. So put on your favourite movie and get crafting!

All you need to make your own decorative throw pillow is:

  • One small pillow, preferably with a removable cover
  • Felt- I used 11 small sheets from Michael’s. I would recommend getting a few extra sheets depending on the design you choose
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1:


Cut small circles into the felt approximately three inches in diameter. These don’t need to be perfect or even. For my pillow I ended up using about 57 small circles.


Step 2:



Using the hot glue gun, secure the felt circles into flower-like shapes. It will look even better if these shapes don’t all look the same, so have some fun with it. You will be using the hot glue gun again later, so don’t put it away yet!


Step 3:




Sketch onto your pillow the design you would like to create. Hearts are likely the easiest, but dream big! Initials could work as a great gift for a friend.

Step 4:IMG_2197



Using the hot glue gun, start attaching the felt ‘rose-buds’ standing upright. The small size should hold pretty snug. I recommend starting from the inside and working your way out so that you can best achieve your final shape.



Step 5:



If the pillow doesn’t work, maybe an adorable cat will do the trick?

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  • Lucy

    Brilliant idea and tute, many thanks. Loving the chilled out pussy cat, every crafter needs one for quality control purposes. If it can be given the cat hair seal of approval then the job’s a good ‘un!