3 Common Mistakes When Trying To Get Healthy

3 Common Mistakes When Trying To Get Healthy

3 Common Mistakes When Trying To Get Healthy

Why is it so hard to get healthy and stay fit? We suppose it could be the lack of motivation. It’s certainly a factor because if you can’t get off the couch in the first place, you’re never going to lose that weight. But, aside from that what else makes the idea of fitness so challenging. We think a big cause is the big misunderstandings that are derived from healthy living and fitness. Either people think that certain ways to get fit work when they don’t. Or, they’ve heard the claims that it just isn’t possible for some people to lose weight. It’s time we dispelled these beliefs completely.


Diet Pills (Sometimes) Work

Well, yes and no. Yes, for some people diet pills will work. So why not for others? Diet pills often don’t have much in them that help you lose weight at all. They might talk about having fat burners, but usually these are untested chemicals. There is a catch 22 with diet pills, and here it is. The ones that have been approved and are not illegal aren’t going to have any chemicals in them. They are going to be made of completely natural supplements. Natural supplements won’t help you lose weight but taking these pills can cause the placebo effect. In short, they work because you think they will. The ones that do have chemicals to help you lose weight are dangerous and usually outlawed because of damaging side effects. Now here is the kicker. The actual diet pills that do work and have been approved are kept in the hands of doctors. You’ll only get your hands on them if your weight problem is life threatening.


All Vitamin Supplements Are Equal

This just isn’t true at all. We know that many people will spend a fortune each week on buying vitamins. They do this because it’s better than eating the food they come in, helping them lose weight. It’s also handy being able to get what you need with one quick swallow rather than making a whole meal. However, there is a problem with vitamin absorption. You can find more about this on But basically what happens is that the pills are digested before they break down to help up us. We’re really not getting any benefit at all unless you’re buying the right type of pills.

Low Metabolism And High Metabolism

This is a big one that stops people in their tracks before they have even begun. Many people believe that fitness is the luck of the draw. That means if you are thin you have a high or fast metabolism and if you are fat, it’s far lower. This isn’t exactly true and guess what? Having more muscle will actually mean that you have a higher metabolism. So if you are overweight, and you exercise, you can build up muscle. You will then find it easier to burn off the fat. The proof of this can be found at

Now you have no excuse for not starting we hope you start getting fitter today.


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