3 Easy Skincare Tips to Follow Now

3 Easy Skincare Tips to Follow Now

3 Easy Skincare Tips to Follow Now


Let’s be honest, skincare is one of the most important steps in the female grooming process. Having good skin makes you feel attractive and confident and will also help you to feel fresher, younger and much more healthy. It is important to maintain good skin care and rejuvenate your skin throughout your daily life which is why I’ve been really focusing on caring for my skin as best I can. It’s easy to get lazy, but not caring for your skin will eventually leave you with a dull and tired complexion and who wants that?

Skincare covers everything from what makeup we wear, to what moisturizer we use. While it’s about looking good, it is also about maintaining a healthy outward complexion with a serious skincare regimen. As a blogger, I have the opportunity to learn about all the latest in the skincare industry and learn first hand the most effective way to care for your skin.

Aside from using the right products for your skin type, I believe that in most cases, your best skin starts with you. The habits you take on and your health play a huge part in how your skin looks and feels. Today, I’m breaking it down with 3 super simple steps!


Beauty Sleep

More sleep? Yes please!

As funny as it sounds, this is something I’m always working on. I really don’t get enough sleep day to day. I work two jobs including blogging, so I am always busy and that means I go to bed way to late and get up super early so I can tackle my day. Did you know how much the amount of sleep you get can affect your skin? A lot!

It’s not just about baggy under eyes!

People with a few nights of missed sleep will often exhibit puffy skin and dark circles under the eyes, while prolonged sleep loss can have negative long-term effects on your skin. Lack of sleep leads to heightened levels of stress, which releases a stress hormone that breaks down the collagen in your skin. This is the protein that keeps skin healthy and smooth.

First tip: make sure you are catching a healthy amount of sleep each night. Don’t make a habit of late nights and early mornings.


Drink More Water

You’ve heard it before, and you will hear it again. Drinking more water improves your skin a great deal. It moisturizes your skin and keeps it fresh, soft, glowing. It also reduces wrinkles, so the results are big. As I’ve mentioned before, I have really made it my mission to drink more water, and I do that with the help of Boxed Water. Not only is the packaging adorable and so easy to carry in my bag, but it also keeps me drinking water throughout the day constantly. Boxed Water is triple filtered for purity and 100% BPA and phthalate free as well, so the water is crisp and tasty.

The brands devotion to their “Waste Less, Do More and Live Well” motto has encouraged me to look at drinking water as more than staying hydrated. With 74% of the box made from paper that comes from well-managed forests, Boxed Water tastes great and is environmentally friendly!

No matter how much I’m on the go, keeping some Boxed Water close by at all times means that when I’m dehydrated, water is always the answer. I’m already noticing my skin improving since drinking more water, which also makes makeup application easier. My skin is smoother and glows a la JLo.

At least that’s my goal anyway!

With out bodies made up of 60% water, it’s obvious why drinking water really fuels our body and skin.



Not only is exercise good for your body and for keeping you healthy, it’s also good for your skin. When we exercise we sweat and sweat is healthy for your skin, while increased blood flow helps to nourish the skin cells in your body.

Exercise also reduces stress that can break down the protein in your skin and damage the cells, but make sure you wash after exercise as the sweat can have a negative effect if it remains on your skin for too long! No longer see working out and getting fit as a benefit for your body, but for your skin too! That’s double duty!

Ready to get that hydrated and glowing skin? Follow these 3 simple steps and you are on the right track! Also, don’t forget to pick up your own Boxed Water at Loblaws or Sobeys in Canada and share your Boxed Water on social using #ReTree and the brand will plant two trees!

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