3 Steps to A Wedding Abroad

3 Steps to A Wedding Abroad


3 Steps to A Wedding Abroad 


There are so many benefits to getting married abroad, and most of which are finally being taken on board by the masses who are now indulging in it. It’s something that will take a lot of planning, but the end result will be more than worth it. Whether you are planning on jetting off somewhere hot for a destination wedding which can turn straight into an exotic holiday, or keeping it romantic in an inner-city location such as Paris, there are both pros and cons to taking your marriage abroad – but can’t that be said for anything in life?


The People

The one thing that you will need to determine before you get to starting to plan anything to do with your wedding is the people that will be attending. There will be those who can’t afford to go, others who have commitments that they can’t get out of and some who will just politely decline with no reason. That’s fine – unfortunate as it sounds, the less people the better. The more people you have, the more worry you will have about whether they have all gotten to where they need to be at the right time. Fussing over flight deals, accommodation, what they’re going to do when they’re there on the lead up to the wedding and the days that follow after is enough to melt down even the most hardened bride. Give them the basics of where they need to be, what they need to bring and where the wedding is taking place and let them take it from there.


Everything Else

There are sites dedicated to letting you know everything that you need to in terms of creating your own fabulous wedding abroad  – but did you know that you can also find a destination wedding planner? This will take so much weight off of your shoulders should you wish to choose this option. They’re able to organise everything for you, from the cake to the transport for your guests if required. All you need to do is give them your ideas and let them work with them and come back for a few consultations with you just to make sure that everything’s going to plan. The last thing you want is to be flapping around on your wedding day in a country that isn’t home.


Focus On You

Make sure that you are doing everything that you want. If you aren’t sure about something, even after a good few thinking sessions, then it’s time to ditch the idea. If you are the sort of person who sits and can’t stop worrying about what everybody is doing who needs to be at your wedding, or what they’re thinking about the whole ordeal, then it’s probably not best for you to take on the challenge of a wedding abroad. Instead, focus on what makes you happy and what you are the most content with – so something that won’t see you getting flustered on your wedding day. A happy couple is a happy marriage after all!



photos via Greg Finck
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