3 Ways To Move Up The Career Ladder

3 Ways To Move Up The Career Ladder

When you’re just starting out in a new job, you can be hungry for rapid advancement, unfortunately, many big companies have a slow-time career progression program. It can take years to start making good money in a mid-level position, so what can you do to make sure you make it?


Train, Education, Knowledge

It is so important to keep on top of current trends and technology, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re working in. The way to stay in a good job and become a valuable member of the team is to really know your stuff. Ready those stuffy trade papers. Attend those tedious seminars, and make sure you get the right training to keep your skills up to date.

Every industry and every job will change over the years. New ideas and better ways of working help improve efficiency and cut costs. If you work in production, then keep up to date with scientific molding training. If you’re in advertizing, then enrol yourself at a marketing school. The more you know, the more you can bring to the table. Wouldn’t you like to be the one to make the next breakthrough for your company? I know I would! 

Charm, Grace, Effectiveness

Using your natural ability to make friends is essential in any workplace. You need to demonstrate you are a reliable member of the team. Be open but courteous. Be charming but respectful. Stay in good health to avoid sick days. Most importantly, make sure your workplace relationships are effective. Work together to move your department and the business toward success.


As you progress up the ladder, you will need to build relationships with external companies. You might even need to win contracts. Demonstrate your natural ability to help others feel at ease and confident in you. Good posture and a smile go a long way to presenting a confident look, but always back it up with thoughtful comments and useful input.

Embracing Change, Making Moves

Sometimes rapid change can occur in the workplace. New procedures or even new premises can knock you off balance. Change needs to be embraced, even if it directly affects your role. You may see colleagues come and go. And not everybody gets on well. If you can still perform professionally in the face of all these changes, it will be noticed by management.

Of course, there are plenty of opportunities away from your company. While it could be career suicide to be caught browsing the job ads, it’s important you keep an eye out for the next opportunity – just not while you’re at your job because that’s just a no-no. Many career progressions are made by moving companies. Try not to do it too often, though. You’ll soon feel like you’re not gaining enough experience in each role, and it won’t look good on your resume if you change jobs too frequently.

Careers can be tough to manage. Sometimes a lot of patience is required. If you have a good boss, be sure to discuss your ambitions regularly. Upward moves can feel amazing. Just be careful not to take more credit than you deserve but always stay motivated and confident no matter where your job takes you! 

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