How I’m Sticking To My New Year’s Goal...

How I’m Sticking To My New Year’s Goals

How I’m Sticking To My New Year’s Goals


Even though I feel like this post should be about new year’s resolutions, I decided that this year I would stay away from calling them resolutions, and instead refer to them as goals. That is because for most, resolutions (while can work for some), typically don’t last very long. That’s because as months go by at the start of the new year, it’s easy to get carried away with your day to day and you really forget what you promised yourself – whether that be working out, eating right, the list goes on!

This year however, I told myself that I would focus on the lessons I learned from my experiences last year and set real goals for work, life and health. No matter what way you look at this though, it can be a struggle to really make a lifestyle change and challenge yourself when things don’t come as easy, so I am all about learning and teaching myself new ways to help me get there, and today I’m excited to share them with you!

Keep Your Goals Close

As I’ve mentioned here on the blog, I am a strict note taker and list maker, so when it came to putting together goals for the year, I had them not only written down in my agenda, but written down on my phone. While it’s easy to get carried away with your day to day tasks, it’s even easier to forget about the bigger goals that you’ve set for yourself, which is why I keep my goals plain in sight and I always refer to them.

I also like to make mini-goals that lead to the big goal and I track this every week. I believe the only way to stay focused on your goals is to make sure that you are always working towards them, so I typically start my work day with looking through them over a cup of Nespresso. I can’t even stress how much Nespresso has been helping me each morning, and their latest limited edition SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 coffee is a new essential. I’ve been obsessed with the aged coffee that offers a rich and velvety texture, so over the Family Day long weekend, I took the opportunity to sit down with the bf and enjoy some tasty treats in bed because regardless of your goals, it’s important to just live!


Give Yourself Time

I am the most impatient person on the planet, so this tip is an important one. Always give yourself the time to achieve your goals. Now, I’m not saying to take all the time in the world, but understand that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so naturally, every important goal takes time. If you are focused on your goals, there is no denying that you will achieve them, but don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight, or even by the summer. The point is to stay focused and know that every step in the right direction will get you to where you need to be.

Aside from taking the time to achieve goals, it’s also important to give yourself time to complete the tasks within each goal. Knowing when to take a break is essential and I promise will make all the difference in the world!

Know When You Deserve A Treat

While nutrition and health is literally on almost everyone’s “resolution” list, there is always a time to treat yo self! I have been focusing so much on my health and nutrition, but when the bf came home with these treats, we indulged a little without the guilt. The baked goods perfectly paired with Nespresso’s SELECTION VINTAGE 2014 coffee so it made for the best way to start our long weekend. Not to mention these Nespresso x Riedel glasses made me feel all classy and like we were in a hotel far far away!

Aside from he obvious “treat” like I did here, there are so many ways to treat yourself and it can actually do great things for your goals. Treating yourself to a spa day or an item you have been coveting can be great for your motivation! Why not pickup some new workout gear for your fitness goals or a cute agenda for your work goals? I promise it will do wonders!


Have Fun

Don’t forget to have fun! When I work towards my goal, I try and remember to have the most fun possible as I do it. I used to get so overwhelmed with everything that I couldn’t even enjoy things when I accomplished something, so now, I make it a point to smile, have fun and reward my accomplishments no matter how small they may be.

In a world where we are always feeling anxious, like we are never good enough and with social media influencing how we feel about ourselves, it’s important to not take things too seriously. You work hard, and you have to play even harder because you never want to regret not enjoying the ride when you finally reach your goals. So set your goals, work hard, but have some fun and enjoy life!

How do you work towards sticking to your goals? Would love to hear your tips!

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This post was sponsored by Nespresso, however all opinions are my own.
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