How to Nail the “Netflix & Chill” Look

How to Nail the “Netflix & Chill” Look

How to Nail the “Netflix & Chill” Look


Regardless of whether your Netflixing consists of a fun date night or you like to get cozy and binge your new favourite TV series, I’m a firm believer that style does not need to be compromised when you “chill”. Though I am not single and have the bf who typically enjoys a good Netflix & Chill night with me, I always look forward to the moments when our schedules align and we can have an informal date night at home.

To show you guys how my Netflix & Chill nights go down typically, I’ve partnered up with Dixie Outlet Mall as one of their new ambassadors to show you how you can look stylish but cute while Netflixing without having to break the bank! I will also be sharing loads of budget-friendly looks with Dixie for the next few months, so keep an eye out because nothing is better than looking stylish on a budget!


Keep Makeup Light and Fresh

I’ve mentioned here on the blog that I have been really making an effort to care for my skin and get into the habit of removing makeup and applying great skincare day in and day out. However, when it comes to our typical Netflix & Chill date night, I opt for a clean fresh no makeup- makeup look. Rather than wearing heavy makeup, shadow, lashes and the works, I opt for a tinted moisturizer, light bronzer, a few coats of mascara and a soft nude lip to keep things looking fresh but comfortable.


Comfort Doesn’t Have to Mean Sweats

I am rarely in sweats – like ever, so when it comes to a Netflix & Chill date night with the boyfriend, I like to feel as though we are still in the beginning stages of our relationship so I prefer to look cute, yet comfortable without being in sloppy sweats. I’m a firm believer that even your go-to staple pieces can be comfortable, so when I snagged these Levis stretch fit denim, I was sold on how ultra-comfy they are. I picked this pair up at the Dixie Outlet Mall location, which has a sweet Levis Outlet. When I recently visited the store, I was there for far too long because their selection is amazing! Since I was on the hunt for a comfortable pair of denim, I went with the 311 Shaping Skinny Fit, which makes my butt look amazing (if I do say so), but it also gives me the comfort and movement I need to really relax and veg out on the couch. Not to mention I scored this pair for $50 which is a huge deal since a pair of great fitting denim can go for as much as $200!


Of course with denim being a classic, there is really no limit to what you can pair with your skinny jeans. While visiting Dixie Outlet Mall, I stumbled into the Winners and scored this adorable black long sleeve top with a chocker detail for only $32.99! Trust me, if they had more colours, I would have stocked up since that price is basically a steal! With the flowy bottom detail, I was able to sit back and enjoy binge watching but still looking chic. I have to say, the boyfriend was a big fan of this top!

Score, right?


Cozy Up

What better way to enjoy a good Netflix & Chill than by cozying up! When visitng winners, I always visit the home section because the selection is unreal. A lot of my knick knacks, throws and pillows come from Winners, so naturally I picked up a few things like this soft blanket I scored for $40 to make the evening that much cozier. With it being winter in Toronto, it is also the perfect time to invest in some home items that really give my home a sense of warmth.

Now you have the look and the setting right so you can enjoy the ultimate Netflix & Chill date night!


If you are looking for a stylish look without breaking the budget, be sure to visit Dixie Outlet Mall!

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