Kitchen Essentials with President’s Choice

Kitchen Essentials with President’s Choice

Kitchen Essentials with President’s Choice


It wasn’t until I moved out and began putting together my kitchen area, that I realized the true importance of quality.

While I may not be the master chef in the kitchen – leave that up to the boyfriend, I can’t deny that I do spend my time mixing, frying and piecing together recipes when I get my time to shine. Once the boyfriend and I began shopping and comparing brands, styles and prices for the essentials in our kitchen, we of course were left with a few items from the President’s Choice brand.

After all, it’s a brand that not only offers great quality, but the prices you can’t always match too. So naturally, once I joined the #DiscoverPC team this year, I had already been familiar with their PC Home Collection items, but after receiving an invite to the PC offices last month, I was excited to learn more!


Luckily, I not only had the opportunity to see top favourites from the PC Home Collection, but I had an informative lesson from PC Executive Chef, Tom about how to properly use some kitchens essentials, as well as how PC stacks up against other brands and its quality.

From knives to pans and skillets and even the simple but significant, cutting board, here are a few PC fan favourites that I have been loving!

PC Immersion Blender

You really don’t realize how much you needed a great immersion blender until you get your hands on it. The PC Immersion Blender has definitely become an essential in my kitchen since I personally love making soups. My previous immersion blender just felt weak so I felt like I was getting more of a workout than preparing a meal, so since using this PC version, I am finally realizing how little I really should be doing!

Does that make me sound lazy? Ideal for both small and large blending and pureeing jobs, this blender comes with both a 10.6” and 8.5” stainless steel shaft so you can tailor its use to what you are preparing.


PC 2-pack Forged Knife Set

A set of knives is of course something you find in every kitchen, but it’s true that some overlook the quality of the knives they buy. For the boyfriend and I, our knife set was actually one of the first things we bought for our condo. That never sounded weird until now, however it’s true!

The PC Forged Knife Set is a premium quality and rust resistant Chef’s knife that features fully forged German steel, along with the paring knife that you will use time and time again! I used mine for this recipe to cut both the PC Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts and the veggies effortlessly!

PC Maple Cutting Board

Yes, a simple cutting board requires good quality, but if it doubles as a beautiful serving board, that’s a plus! The PC Maple Cutting Board is a new favourite in my opinon because it acts as a perfect wide space to get my chopping done as I prep for meals, but I’ve already used it to place a charcuterie platter on it and even used it to serve drinks to guests! I especially loved how this chicken and veggie board looked! It was the perfect way to have our guests just grab with a fork and eat over a mini plate. Having the delicious PC Black Label Ras El Hanout Spice Blend was the perfect touch so our guests could see what spice we used – it was a question we were constantly asked since the chicken and veggies were delicious!


PC Enameled Cast Iron Grill Pan or Skillet

A cast iron skillet was definitely something I didn’t know I needed until I got my hands on one. Known for their durability and ability to retain heat, the PC Cast Iron products make me feel like a Top Chef every time I use it. Perfectly sear meat, create a delicious roast dish and even fry to your hearts desire with no fuss at all. Made with an enamel finish, the PC brand Cast Irons come at an unbeatable price without compromising for quality!

These may only be four favourites, but President’s Choice has loads of great products from their PC Home Collection which you can see here, and don’t forget to follow along on social with #DiscoverPC.


Thank you President’s Choice for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

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