Tips for Keeping Your Dream Alive

Tips for Keeping Your Dream Alive

Tips for Keeping Your Dream Alive

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Everyone, deep down, has a sense that in another world, in another time, they could have done something different with their life and become a star. If not a star, then at least a leader in a field. Whether that be in the world of music, academia, fashion or anything else, we all have our childhood dreams — but most of us leave them behind as we get older.

In truth, some of us will genuinely be happier doing something else; as much as we love music, we wouldn’t enjoy touring or long days in a studio. For others, though, those past dreams can nag away at us. All too often, we leave behind our true wishes because we don’t have the confidence to follow them.

That confidence is essential, especially if lacking in confidence is the only thing that’s held you back in the past. You can go back to your dreams and succeed at them, but you’ll need to put yourself “out there” a little to do so. You can’t do that without confidence; so, if you feel your confidence needs a boost, it might be worth trying the following.


Step 1: Fake It; Everyone Else Does

I hate the idea of “faking it” myself, but do you think the first time Beyonce stood on a stage to sing, that she was brimming over with confidence, ready to have fans eat out of the palm of her hand? Of course she wasn’t. No-one ever is, it’s just that some hide it better. It’s true of any big opportunity, from a college interview to an acting audition: the first few times, you need to fake it. After that, you get used to the process and you feel more confident.

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Step 2: Listen To Feedback, Don’t Live By It

Feedback, good or bad, can be nerve-wracking to accept. If it’s good, then you can suddenly worry about having to live up to it in future. If it’s bad, then you feel like quitting there and then. It’s important to take it all with a pinch of salt; appreciate praise, because you deserve this, but accept constructive criticism too. Just don’t get too hung up on one negative comment, because everyone has their own opinion (unfortunately). 


Step 3: Don’t Put Everything On The Line

If you took all your positive mantras from talent show judges, you’d be asking for trouble. Lines like “I want to see you bare your soul” are fine for TV soundbites, but putting yourself completely on the line can really damage a person, and the cameras are nowhere to be seen when they’re putting themselves back together. As mentioned, you need to put yourself out there – but you need to do it gradually.

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When looking to pursue the arts like music, upload music on Indiesound or similar platforms first. That way you keep something back, and people concentrate on the music. Also, when you’ve run through it somewhere you’re at ease, it gets easier to do it with an audience. If you are looking to blog or start a Youtube page, keep things quiet and develop content first so you can get the hang of things and see what direction you want to go in, then start sharing with your friends and on your social channels so you’ve already created traction!

So what about you – what’s your dream, and do you think you could give it a go?


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