4 Ways to Make More Time For Yourself

4 Ways to Make More Time For Yourself

4 Ways to Make More Time For Yourself


Life is hectic, there is no doubting that, so when looking for that relaxing “you” time, it can sometimes feel limited and far in between.

Lately though, I’m learning the importance of taking a step back to just live because after work, family and personal commitments, when do I actually have time for me? Step by step I’m learning and organizing my schedule so that I can have more time to focus on my mind, body and spirit, because let’s face it – what is more important than that?

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Mange Your Schedule

There would be zero “me time” if I didn’t schedule it in. That may sound a little sad and yes, of course I can be spontaneous, but when I plan my schedule, I find that I can easily have those moments to recharge, and have time to myself. The key is to know that a little goes a long way. Whether you are a freelancer and planning your work schedule, or you have a busy life at home with kids, it’s important to find even a short period of time that you can dedicate for yourself.

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Start by making a habit of writing out your schedule if you don’t already. Once you see your schedule on paper, it’s much easier to plan out how you will accomplish your to do list as well as when and how long appointments, errands and meetings may take. Then, you will be able to see where you fit that “me time” like a quick trip to the salon for a manicure, a massage or even a calm relaxing bath at home or a solo Netflix and chill evening.

Keeping a schedule allows for a more organized life, and of course, the more organized we are, the more we can manage time for ourselves.


It Starts With Mornings

When it comes to your day to day, the morning is the perfect opportunity to make time for yourself whether you opt for waking up a bit earlier to have some extra time, or you choose to schedule in a yoga session or even enjoy a slow wake up!

For me, once I awake, I keep a schedule of my morning routine, which of course, includes a cup of Nespresso. It’s all about the setting the tone for your day afterall.

Coffee has become much more than a drink for me, but rather, a special moment to reflect and energize amid a hectic schedule. The Nespresso brand is not only luxurious, but after learning a lot from the brand, I’ve truly grown to appreciate the process of developing the coffee which takes time, intricacy and hard work – all making the special moment of sipping a freshly brewed cup that much more enjoyable.

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With the latest release of their new Limited Edition Explorations 2 Collection, I am now starting my day feeling like a true coffee connoisseur. The two flavours, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Colombia Aguadas are considered “hidden gems” as they have been carefully created and paired together by Nespresso experts to showcase their hidden stories as well as their contrasting, yet complimentary flavour profiles.

Due to the rarity of the bean, the Explorations collection is only available twice a year and in small quantities, but it gives coffee lovers like myself, the opportunity to enjoy rare coffee profiles from regions around the world while learning all about their heritage.

The first Explorations flavour, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe offers a light roasted velvety texture with white floral notes and hints of orange blossom and nuts. With Yirgacheffe becoming a known treasure of the coffee world, it was the bergamot citrus and jasmine blossom unique tasting notes that Nespresso experts focused on to help find the perfect flavour profile for this limited edition collection.


In contrast, the Colombia Aguadas capsule offers a light roasted espresso with a particular sweetness reminiscent of candied apples and red berries, which was discovered during a routine coffee cupping session in Aguadas. There, one of the Nespresso experts came across the coffee profile and soon after Nespresso agronomists worked alongside the coffee farmers to replicate the unique coffee profile.

Now each morning as I enjoy time for myself while sipping on my Nespressso, I can do so and virtually transport myself to either Ethiopia or Colombia!

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Less Social, More You

Social media is an amazing thing, but it can definitely be a huge unnecessary distraction. I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that I’ve caught myself scrolling through social feeds and then before I know it, I’ve been starring at my phone for hours!

So, let’s put the phone down, shall we?

Now, I understand how resourceful and comforting social media can be for relationships as well as business, but if you are not using social for a specific reason, it’s helpful to take the time that you’d be scrolling through feeds and put that energy towards you. Skip the social and enjoy a good book while soaking in the tub perhaps? Yeah, I like the sound of that!


Know When To Say “No”

A part of making time for you has a lot to do with knowing when to say “no”. Life is busy and fast paced, so it’s important to shift your focus in a positive direction and not always feel like you are too busy. As a freelancer, it ‘s easy to overwhelm myself by stuffing my schedule with projects, but I’ve learned to take things a little slower and become picky with what I say yes and no to.

Not only is making time for you a great way to spoil yourself, but let’s be honest, it’s just plain healthy for the mind body and spirit too. Regardless if you are saying no to a work commitment or having to decline an invite from a friend, knowing when to take a step back and use that time for YOU will make all the difference.

What are some of your tips for making more time for yourself?

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