5 Items You NEED To Splurge On For Your Wedding Re...

5 Items You NEED To Splurge On For Your Wedding Registry

5 Items You NEED To Splurge On For Your Wedding Registry


It is no secret that Stuart, a.k.a the man of my dreams, and I are engaged, and after giving some time to let the engagement soak in, we are now officially in the very beginning stages of planning the wedding process. And I mean VERY beginning stages. However lately we’ve been going to showers, weddings and all the wedding-related events you can think of, so naturally it has definitely inspired some thoughts for what I want for the big day and of course, everything leading up to it.

That’s when the discussion of our wedding registry came up, and though we luckily have agreed on the items we would want and what store we want to go with, I feel like I just had to share my top 5 items that EVERY couple needs in their home.

It can be incredibly overwhelming to go through a registry and pick, agree and plan what it is that you need, however it really doesn’t need to be. The trick is to pick a number of items for each room in your home and go for items that are inexpensive, but also include items that are splurge-worthy. This is your chance to build a home together and fill it with items that not only look cute and fit your style, but are useful and make life a little easier!

  1. A Great Vacuum: I can’t help but feel like a bada$$ Wifey to be when I vacuum with the Dyson Ball Animal 2. Honestly, I never knew what a truly GOOD vacuum was capable of until I started using this in our condo. So much so that this has been the main item that I convince my girlfriends and family to add to their wish list whether it be for their wedding registry, Christmas, birthdays, you name it! I remember reading that it is the strongest suction of all vacuums and to be honest, I didn’t believe it until we tried it at home. We are pretty OCD cleaners at home, but it wasn’t until after using the Ball Animal 2 that we noticed how much dust and hair (thanks to me) was left deep inside our carpets and rugs. Equipped with interchangeable attachments, this machine can do it all from getting into tight corner, taking care of pet hair and it even works wonders on furniture! Easy steering with its Ball Technology also means that I don’t have to break into a sweat to get the job done!
  2. A Nespresso Coffee Machine: Whether its for a couple that has a busy schedule or you love to sip on coffee together during the weekend to help you relax, I’m a firm believer that every couple needs a Nespresso Machine in their life. I can’t express enough how useful this machine has been in our condo and it makes the most delicious coffee and espresso’s around! While I tend to stick to my Pixie Machine, there are loads of machines available that will suit your coffee needs and it will be done in style. The Nespresso roster offers chic designs so it can conveniently fit into any kitchen or dining area in your home and will make for the perfect item for when you have company over! Add in their Aeroccino Milk Frother and you’ve got yourself a perfect cup of coffee!
  3. A Good Quality Mattress: Whether or not the bedroom is wear the “Magic happens”, there will be absolutely no magic if your mattress sucks. A good night sleep is one of the key practices for looking and feeling healthy so why skimp out on it? When I lived at my parents, I had the worst mattress and sadly, I didn’t know it until I moved out, invested in a good quality mattress and pillows and now, I never want to get out of bed. Sleep is so important for your health, so why not splurge on a good mattress that is not only perfect for sleep, but helps to prevent back and neck pain! Even if you are working with a tight budget for your wedding and moving into your home together, I highly recommend in having a new and good quality mattress be at the top of your list!
  4. An Air Purifier: It wasn’t until I put together stats for this post, that I realized just how much indoor air pollution there is in our homes. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with my Dyson Hot + Cold Link machine.Yes, not only does Dyson make unbeatable vacuums, but their fans are legendary also. Perfect for condo owners like us, this machine keeps things cool and breezy during the summer heat, and then gets it toasty, cozy and warm for the winter while purifying the air. I  used to feel a little tightness and dryness in the air in our condo and the bedroom specifically, but since using the Dyson Hot+Cold Link, I’m having a better sleep and a better morning, so why not ask for something that is good for you and your home for your wedding registry!?
  5. A Stand Mixer: I used to think I didn’t actually need a mixer until, well, I needed one. A stand mixer like the KitchenAid 6 quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, created for endless cooking opportunities. While some may just see it as an item for baking, you can do so much with a machine like this from making pasta, to chopping up veggies and even help make delicious ice cream. And while a crockpot and great cooking pots and pans are the essentials, a stand mixer is a great addition to your kitchen that can really help you step up your cooking and baking game! They do always say that food is the way to the heart, so it couldn’t be more perfect to ask for a stand mixer for your wedding registry!

There you have it! 5 splurge-worthy ideas for your wedding registry, but the options are endless! What is on your splurge-worthy list?


Thank you Dyson for partnering on this post. All opinions are my own!

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