DIY Fall Floral Arrangement

DIY Fall Floral Arrangement

DIY Fall Floral Arrangement


If you know me at all or follow me along on social, then you know that to me, flowers are life! Yes, I know a lot of girls love flowers but I loveeeeeee them. Since I was a kid, I alway joined my Mother in the garden and growing up (even from when I was a little young) I always found a way to enjoy fresh flowers in my home.

Now, I am adulating and totally soaking it all up by arranging fresh floral bouquets in my home whenever I can! In no way do I claim to be a professional florist, but being someone who truly appreciates every flower of the rainbow, I’ve turned my fascination and love into a little hobby that I love sharing with you guys on the blog!


With the fall season comes a lot of favourites for me – ankle booties, cozy knits and dark maroon nail polish, to name a few. And while some find that flowers are more of a spring/summer thing, I tend to flock to the closes florist to pick new blooms when fall hits. Some of my favourite blooms are in season at this time!

That’s why I couldn’t pass up sharing my latest arrangement with just a few tips on how you can create one on your own. Now, the key here is to just have fun – there are no limits, however I also know that it can be overwhelming to grab flowers and arrange them to look like it is fresh out of a Martha Stewart magazine.


I’m thrilled with how it turned out, so here are 5 simple tips to help you achieve the perfect fall floral arrangement:

1. The Vase Sets the Tone

I was lucky enough to have a leftover wooden box from a recent friends wedding, but it worked out perfectly. When thinking of fall, you think of unique wood or brass details rather than in summer when I typically opt for glass or something ‘lighter’ in texture. I knew the arrangement i wanted to create was going to consist of specific colours, so choosing a vase that is just right really sets the tone for your arrangement.

2. Keep it Simple to Start

If this is new for you, start with a simple idea. A theme or colour can be a great place to start. Going simple and then building from there is the easiest way to keep from getting overwhelmed and it will also give you the chance to really pay attention to everything you are adding and where everything is being placed.



3. Go Green

Fall isn’t the only time to add more greenery to your bouquet, but it is a popular time of the year for succulents and additions like berries and twigs. Don’t always focus on just using greens as filler flowers, but you can choose a few plant-like options as a statement to really create something original and eye-catching.

4. Colour Means Everything

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t go pink or violet with your bouquet but when putting together something more fall-inspired, stick with the deeper and vibrant shades. Instead of going orange and red (a little obvious) for my fall bouquet, I went with maroons and plums. These flowers don’t scream fall, but they definitely have a fall-like feel!

5. Contrast Makes a Difference

While I went with the maroons and plums, I made sure to have a contrast. The white dahlias really allowed all the other colours to pop and I really think that adding a few softer florals to the bunch really can make your statement flowers or greens pop. You can even leave it all up to your filler flowers and greens to create the contrast that you want – the skies the limit!

See below for a few more close-up shots:

dsc08613 dsc08614 dsc08621

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