5 Tips To Help You Get Your Breakfast Fix

5 Tips To Help You Get Your Breakfast Fix

5 Tips To Help You Get Your Breakfast Fix 

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I used to HATE eating breakfast – legit, hated it, but as time went on, I learned how important and essential it is to start the day. I used to get hungry and tired even before the afternoon hit, but for some reason, that wasn’t enough to get me on top of my breakfast habits and instead felt nauseous at the idea of eating in the morning, I had no appetite and I refused to put any food in my mouth when I woke up – not even a piece of fruit! Gradually though, I realized that breakfast was the missing factor in my day and since incorporating it into my morning routine, I have more energy, I feel more motivated and I can concur the world!

Whether you are like the old me and hate eating breakfast, or you simply find every excuse to skip out on your morning meal, I’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you get your morning fix so you too can concur the world!


Start Small

When you go so long without eating breakfast, it becomes a habit, so the idea of eating anything can feel like a large task, but starting with super small portions and easy breakfasts is the best way to start. I began by giving myself 5 minutes – only 5 minutes to snack on a breakfast bar with my morning coffee. While not exactly a full breakfast, it got me in the habit of dedicating that time to eat and know that I am fueling my body for the day. A protein shake is also a great way to start!

Don’t Hit Snooze

Natually, by hitting snooze, we are only making ourselves rush in the morning, so by waking up even just 15 minutes earlier (and going to bed earlier) will set you up to have more time to enjoy your morning and your breakfast. It’s amazing how much an extra 15 will do for us in the morning, and more than anything, it will give us just a few extra moments to actually WAKE UP!


Don’t Make Your Coffee Your Breakfast

I used to do this, so I know what I’m saying when I express that coffee is not breakfast. As delicious and essential as it is, coffee does not fuel you. It’s so easy to just fill our to-go mugs and head out the door, but trust me when I say that once you start work, you are going to get HANG-RY!

Eat up buttercup because coffee will not be enough in the a.m!

Get That Protein

Even on the days that I don;t care to eat breakfast or I’m in a super rush, I put together a healthy shake with Vega protein in it, so I at least get the nutrients I need to start my day. It’s also true that protein helps to keep you satisfied, as well as keeps you mentally alert. I also find that when I eat a high protein breakfast, I eat less calories throughout the day! That’s a win if you ask me!


Snacks Work Too!

Now when I say breakfast, I don’t mean the whole shebang of eggs, bacon, orange juice, etc, but instead, it’s just getting into the habit of eating something healthy and that will fuel you. Another tip for getting your break in is to snack away in the morning. You can enjoy your shake throughout the morning, snack on some fruit along with some yogurt or oatmeal like I did on this particular morning with my new favourite Ace Bakery Cranberry Almond Granola!

These are only a few tips, but these are a great starting point to get you enjoying your breakfast each morning. Not only is breakfast important to help you stay fuelled for the day, but the habit of eating breakfast is also associated with better weight management and a better lifestyle all together. If 2018 is going to be your healthiest year yet, then don’t forget about your breaky!


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