3 Ways To Go Tech Free Without Withdrawal

3 Ways To Go Tech Free Without Withdrawal

3 Ways To Go Tech Free Without Withdrawal 


Just recently, I had a look at my Planoly account (for those who don’t know what Planoly is, it’s an app that helps you plan your Instagram feed) and noticed that my posting was anything but consistent. While of course, everyone needs a break from technology and social media specifically, taking too many breaks or being absent online is not good for my work and my business.

That’s when I decided to give myself a guideline for when its good and when its necessary to be on my tech devices – that means phone, computer, desktop, camera – you name it!

The truth is that I love to be on social media, but I also absolutely despise it at the same time and its because nothing is what it once was. Things are oversaturated, unauthentic and frankly, not as fun as it can be, so instead of being bothered by social media at this day and age, I knew I had to concentrate on myself and learn what makes me happy, and what benefits me in the end. And while I know that in this industry, you have to hustle – like, really hustle, but you have to be happy and that means planning, and giving yourself the right time to be present, but stay up to date with social and capture all of life’s moments at the same time.

Here’s what I’m planning to stick to from now on:

1.Vacation Mode 

Vacation is so tricky for me to be honest, but after visiting Miami this past June, I know the balance between capturing moments and still enjoying your vacation is possible. It can be really difficult during your vacation to stay off your phone or camera, but the key is to plan ahead and give yourself time without any phone or camera.

I start by waking up early so I can shoot first thing in the morning. That means before guests are swarming the area you want to shoot in which then means you can efficiently shoot what you need. With that being said, waking up at a good time means you can plan your feed so when you have to post at your desired time, the editing is already done so you just take 5 minutes to post the image. Also, if you rely on your computer for editing photos, allow photo editing to happen, but don’t get carried away with scrolling through social – get out and enjoy your surroundings instead!

When travelling, you of course want to be taking foodie pics, but I absolutely hate sitting across the table from someone and they are staring at their phone the entire time trying to add fun emoji’s to their Insta Story that they just took.

The key is just to know when to sit and soak in the moment and when its right to capture the gorgeous sunset or perfectly plated dinner.


2. Date Night

Whether your significant other is a social junkie like you or not (mine doesn’t have ANY social media), you have to understand what it must be like for them to stare at your forehead while you are on your phone. Not only is it not romantic, but disrespectful to be on your phone while on a date night, so instead, the boyfriend and I say no phones during date night. Typically, if we are going to a brand new place or trying something super fun, we’ll allow for some photos in the process, but no posting, editing or scrolling especially.

Just enjoy the moment, the love and the romance!

C’mon ladies, isn’t that what we want?

If you’re going out with friends, even send them a message or come to an agreement on the use of your phones so you can catch up and have a fab time without the social distractions!

3. Take It Off or Leave It At Home

Woah, leave the house without my phone or take it off? Am I high or something!

Nah, it’s true though and it feels a little weird at first, but it really helps. I have no doubt that anyone reading this has been in a  position when your phone is about to die or you left it at home by accident and you literally just panic.

The key here is to get used to being without your phone. It’s amazing how much more you notice things around you and find new things to love and enjoy when you aren’t glued to your phone and frankly, its the most refreshing feeling. Sometimes I even carry my phone around just for emergency purposes (you never know) but I just turn my phone off if I’m at the grocery store, or shopping or doing something that really doesn’t call for a phone. And not airplane mode because I automatically still look at my phone, but to turn your phone off and have it in your pocket or purse means you can focus on what you’re doing with little distractions.

I know these tips are difficult and I know your tech use really depends on your lifestyle and your job, but the way things have become is a little scary to me and I hate that we are losing the emotional connection little by little each day, so I urge you this summer to still photograph, chat, instagram and all that jazz, but give yourself a break and just freakin enjoy life as it happens!!

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