5 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

5 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues


I think we can all collectively agree that as soon as Sunday evening rolls around, we start to feel that little pit in our stomach otherwise known as the “Monday Blues”, because we are well aware that Monday is quickly approaching. Even if you don’t dread your job, you can’t help but sigh a little when you know that as soon as you go to sleep, it will be Monday.

I happen to work both from home and at an office, so my week plans can change, but I can’t help feel a little sad when I realize the weekend is over. I even love my job and look forward to blogging and all that it comes with, but I have made it a point to hate Mondays a little less. I find that if you don’t hate Mondays, it can really jump start an amazing week for you, but in fact, making your Mondays better actually starts on your weekend.

I do however, promise that if you pay close attention to these tips I’m about to offer you, your Monday’s will soon start to feel like Tuesdays and then maybe, just maybe, it can feel like a Wednesday or Thursday.

But never Friday. Mondays will never feel like a Friday.


A Sunday Well Spent…

You know the drill – ” a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content” and this totally rings true. I tend to spend my Sundays with the bf or out for brunch with friends, but I always make sure that I enjoy my time so I can let loose and really be in the moment, but I am sure to get home in time to organize myself for the week. That involves laundry (if it hasn’t been done yet) and of course, some blog work so I can be ahead of the game. Even if I don’t have all my work complete for the entire week, I like to make sure that by Sunday night, my Monday work is complete so my Monday morning starts of less stressful.

I also love to finish of my weekend with some Netflix or a movie with the bf. I find that finishing my weekend with something casual and comfortable allows me to rest my mind and really get it ready for the week ahead.

Sleep is Everything

If you are someone like me who is a bit of a night owl, you know that sleep doesn’t always come so easily, however, for Mondays, they are crucial for me. The key to a great week – and a less depressing Monday, is getting your 8 hour sleep Sunday night. Getting to sleep at a good hour means that I can even wake up earlier than planned on Monday and I don’t need to hit the snooze button. Sleep sounds so silly to mention as a “tip”, but I really find that because we are not looking forward to Mondays so much, we feel like we want it to be the weekend for as long as possible.

Well honey, Monday is coming whether we like it or not, so get to sleep so you can kill it for the week!

Finish Friday Off Right

When Friday rolls around, we are all so eager to start the weekend, that we are not even thinking about Monday and all the work we have next week. Truth is though, that finishing your Friday right means less stress for the following week. As tempting as it is to dart off to the bar with friends after work, you will be so happy you stayed that extra 15 minutes so your Monday goes a little smoother.


To Do List

I don’t even know how those non-to-do-list people do it. I need last for anything, and I really feel like it helps. Each week I have my to-do list organized so I can tackle everything on it efficiently, because having your checklist on point will make things that much easier.

It’s helpful to have your weekly goals and checklists, but then break it down daily. Breaking it down further helps to complete everything without getting overwhelmed. Even if your list consists of little things like picking up dry cleaning or making sure to ask a coworker about a new restaurant – you can really add anything since it will feel amazing when you start crossing things off!

Dress Like a Boss

If you look good, you feel good, right? So naturally, as silly as it sounds, wearing a cute outfit to work on Monday can really make the difference! The energy you have when you feel good really affects your work because you are feeling great, you’re more motivated and you are just plain happy. I usually like to have an idea about what I’m wearing on Monday by the time Sunday ends, even if I don’t have my full look layer out. Not only does it help me stay organized, but I also find that I can enjoy getting dressed for Monday.

Honestly, who doesn’t love strutting into work in a sweet outfit? Yass!

I hope these tips help you make your Monday better, and of course don’t forget. Coffee first!

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