5 Ways to Reinvent Your Hair

5 Ways to Reinvent Your Hair 


There is a reason why us gals freak out if the salon stylist cuts too much off your hair or why we all have Pinterest boards dedicated to hair and hair inspiration – hair matters!

In the past I have been open about my hair journey which includes the good, the bad and the really bad! These last few years though, I have learned to not only love my hair, but respect it and give it what it desires, even if its out of my comfort zone or even if its, let’s call it, “playing it safe”.

I have been seeing my friends at Sassoon Salon in Yorkville for almost 2 years now, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much their skills and expertise have guided me along the path to healthier and more loveable hair.


I am also human though, and I do get sick of my hair really easily, so I always like to switch things up without damaging my hair so that way I never get bored! Want to reinvent your hair look without spending big bucks or going super drastic? I’ve got 5 ways to reinvent your locks and love them even more!

  • Semi-Premanent Colour

If you are looking to switch things up but not ready to take a drastic plunge, I definitely recommend going for a semi-permanent colour. Just this past week, I had a little fun with this L’Oreal Colorista teal colour which was easy to apply and while it is already starting to fade, I am loving this quick and easy fun switch. In just 4-10 shampoos, the colour washes out so you can have your fun without the commitment!

  • Doll It Up With Hair Accessories

I am trying my best to stay away from hot tools as much as possible, so rather than leaving my hair natural and hating it, I switch up the style with some hair accessories when it’s just not working for me. When in doubt, hats are always helpful but I’ve been loving scarves for when my cowlick appears and even clips that take a simple pony and kick it up a notch!

  • Give It A Fresh Trim

As much as I hate to cut my hair, I know just how much fresher and vibrant your hair looks with a little trim now and then. Whenever I find myself feeling like my hair is looking a little “blah”, all it takes is a simple trim at Sassoon, and before I know it, I’m strutting out of the salon feeling fresh to death.

Tip: If a trim scares you, ask for a little “dusting” on your end

  • Opt for Simple Extensions

Extensions are a great way to change up your hair look and help reinvent a whole new style! Whether it’s for body or for length, opt for some clip-in extensions and you’ll look like a new woman. Be sure to do your research when looking at hair and what works best. You want to enhance the locks you have, and not hide them!

  • When In Doubt – Treatment!

Treatments are bae, seriously! When I feel like I need to show my locks some love, I immediately book a treatment with my friends at Sassoon. It is the best way to reinvent your hair and show it love at the same time. I’m a firm believer that the best way to reinvent your hair is to bring back its shine and lustre, so next time you go to the salon or the beauty store, go for a treatment and I promise you that your hair will look like a million bucks!



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