5 Wedding Trends To Try For The Big Day

5 Wedding Trends To Try For The Big Day

5 Wedding Trends To Try For The Big Day


In case you haven’t seen the big news here – I’m engaged!

And though I have already been covering wedding/bridal content here on the blog, you can bet that I will definitely discussing a lot more during my entire process. It has only been 2 weeks since the proposal, but I am slowly starting to gather inspiration so I have an idea about what I want and of course, what I don’t want!

With so many options, dresses, decor ideas and you name it, it can get a little overwhelming, but I am really loving the trends that are all the rage now like these 5 that may come in handy when I start planning!

Going Neutral

Often, when you plan decorations for a wedding, you opt for bold, bright colors, however, this year there has been a change with more couples choosing neutral shades for their wedding decorations. This includes everything from the table layouts to the flowers around the reception. Neutral colours are a great idea because they allow more attention to be drawn to both the bride and members of the wedding party. It’s also a contemporary idea with interior designers often favoring neutral shades in everything they do these days.


Saving On Invitations

You don’t have to spend a fortune on wedding invitations. In fact, it’s become fashionable not to. Rather than purchasing your wedding invitations from a designer, you can create them yourself with some handcrafts and good old fashioned DIY. With a little creativity and a lot of imagination, it’s easy to design a wedding invitation that stands out and captures attention. If you save money on your invitations, you’ll be able to spend your budget in other areas.

The Best Dress

If you look at wedding dresses this year, you’ll see that many emphasis the hour glass figure. The dress hugs the waist while flowing out at the chest and the thigh area. This has become very popular lately with many brides favoring the dress that hugs their body beautifully, and who knows, this may be the one for me!


Food For The Occasion

Another popular trend is to use food from local, small businesses for your wedding. By doing this, you can ensure that the menu for the reception is completely unique and stands out from the rest of the celebrations in the area. It’s also a great way of making sure that your wedding gives back to the local community and again avoids the expense of buying food from a professional catering company.

Alternatively, you could prepare and cook the food yourself. This will give your wedding a more personal, homey feel.

Tall Orders

Finally, there is the wedding cake. Things have gone more traditional with wedding cakes lately as more people are favoring the tall, five layer cakes from the past. The reason? It stands out as a centerpiece of your wedding reception and adds to an elegant aesthetic. Brides have also been loving the donut idea, creating a tower of yummy donuts for guests!


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