A Guide to Throwing the Ultimate Birthday Party

A Guide to Throwing the Ultimate Birthday Party

A Guide to Throwing the Ultimate Birthday Party

If you want to throw a special birthday for somebody, you need to make sure you’ve done your research first. You can’t do this half heartedly; you need to go all out to make sure they have the best birthday party ever. The ULTIMATE birthday party. But how can you make sure this birthday party tops all other birthday parties? What can you do to make it stand out? Read through this guide for some amazing ideas!


Send Invitations Well in Advance

If you want to throw the ultimate birthday party, whether it’s for yourself or for somebody else, you need to send the invitations well in advance. If you don’t, you run the risk of hardly anybody turning up! You need to give them enough notice to get an outfit, transport, and perhaps even get the day off work. Make sure you give them a sufficient amount of notice. Remind them closer to the date too if you send them particularly far in advance.

Come Up with an Awesome Theme

One of the best things you can do with a birthday party is come up with an awesome theme. It could be based around your favourite film or era, for example. You can then decorate and dress to match! If you’re stuck for ideas, the world wide web should help you out. There are a limitless amount of things you can do!


Find a Spectacular Venue

The venue is a very important aspect of a birthday party. Think of the number of people you plan on inviting and make sure the venue can cater to that amount of people. Of course, you can have a party in your home if you’re willing to do the clean up afterwards! You may also need to decorate a fair bit to get everybody in the party mood.

Don’t Skimp on the Entertainment

Entertainment is one of the most important factors of a birthday party. It doesn’t need to cost you a fortune, but it should be well thought out. It all depends on who the party is for and who’s attending. You might want a DJ, bouncy castle, face painter – there are hundreds of different things you could set up for the day.


Feed Your Guests Well

Some people attend parties fully expecting to be fed. Make sure you feed your guests if you want them to carry on partying well into the night! If you want this party to see particularly luxurious, you could hire somebody to wait on and serve the food to your guests. should give you a good idea of what to look for.  

Keep the Bar Well Stocked

Whether you’re having this party at home or another venue, you should keep the booze stocked up (if it’s an adult party). Make sure you chat with somebody at the venue in advance so you can ensure there will be enough to drink. It would be a disaster if the bar ran out!

Get the party started and have fun planning!


Images via Catch My Party

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