A New Drinking Water Alternative!

A New Drinking Water Alternative!

If you’ve been following the blog, you would have seen that I have discussed the benefits of drinking water in the past, and I believe that its something that really makes a difference in creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself! That’s why I’m so excited to share a brand new product on the market that is going to change the way you drink water and stay hydrated!

Today marks the launch of NanoDrop, a new compound molecule of liquid, which is 5,000 times as hydrating and thirst quenching as regular sparkling water. Talk about hydration! One drop of NanoDrop equals one glass of regular water so it won’t take you much to stay hydrated day to day and the adorable and tiny nano bottle also cuts down on plastic waste making it easy to carry as well!

That means no more shopping for those heavy water bottles and having to carry bottles on bottles with you everywhere you go just to stay hydrated!

Want to see the NanoDrop in action? Check out the feature video below featuring a gorgeous blonde that you all may remember! Paris Hilton is just as excited as I am about the benefits of NanoDrop and keeping everyone hydrated while being environmentally conscious! See it here:

Happy (early) April Fools! 

I can only hope I got you there! While this video was a great laugh, there of course, is no NanoDrop product. Instead, I look to SodaStream to keep me hydrated with just a press of a button while cutting down plastic waste. I personally love a tall glass of sparkling water with fresh fruit or cucumber inside and it’s something that I can easily take on the road with me in a reusable Swell bottle. The benefits of drinking water everyday are impressive. Not only is water great for digestion and hydration, but also clears skin, speeds up your metabolism and really, the list goes on!

The best part: One SodaStream machine helps save the planet from 1,460 plastic bottles of waste, so do your part – switch to SodaStream and enjoy creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself while helping the planet!

Visit Sodastream.ca now for more information on the machine as well as fun recipes you can put together!

Thank you SodaStream for sponsoring this post.

(Photo via Cookrepublic.com)

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