Another Coffee Shop Hangout

Another Coffee Shop Hangout 


It has been an incredibly slow start to the New Year for me and honestly, it’s on purpose. There is always this big and immediate “Go chase your dreams” vibe at the beginning of the year and while it is incredibly motivating, it can also be a little uncomfortable and full of unnecessary pressure for me. The sense of urgency at the beginning of the year to make it a successful one tends to discourage me rather than the opposite, so I’m finding that this slow start is getting more of my creative juices flowing.

Lately, the extreme weather versus chilly rain also makes anyone want to just wrap themselves in blanket and binge watch Netflix, but instead, I’m taking the opportunity to spend time with friends and visit new cafes and restaurants around the city. Last weekend I stumbled into Grinder Coffee and not only was it an adorable little spot, but it served the BEST chai lattes around. Like, so good that I ordered two! Not to mention we were the only ones in the spot, so it was such a peaceful Sunday morning.

It’s quiet moments like these that I live for!




Sweater – Banana Republic / Denim – GAP / Booties – Zara / Hat – Eugenia Kim via Shopbop 

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