Balcony SZN feat. Home Depot

Balcony SZN feat. Home Depot

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Patio season is here! Or better yet, for those condo homebodies like me, balcony season is here!

While I love being cuddled up on the couch and simultaneously binge watching my favourite shows on Netflix, I absolutely love spending time outdoors even more. You can even say I’m an outdoorsy person – minus the insects, so when the warm season rolls around, you know I’m all about the sunshine and fresh air.

Living in a condo however, means that my personal outdoor area isn’t exactly acres wide, so when putting together my outdoor space, it was all about comfort, functionality and of course, I need it to be pretty! With summer finally here, I teamed up with my friends at Home Depot for a mini balcony update so that I can properly enjoy my outdoor space with friends, and even just for the boyfriend and me!


When thinking about updating my balcony’s look, I knew that I first needed proper flooring. I absolutely hated the “blah” looking concrete floor that always collected debris and dirt and never EVER looked clean. Honestly though, concrete can NEVER look clean. Luckily, Home Depot has these functional and gorgeous Eon Deck and Balcony Tiles that were just perfect.

I went with the grey shade since I knew the kind of look I was going for and I always like how grey looks with greenery and I thought it would go well with my existing bistro set. I especially loved that these Eon Deck and Balcony Tiles were bigger than most deck tiles, so that meant fewer pieces to snap together and it made the flooring look clean, crisp and put together.

I also have to admit that it was insanely easy putting this flooring together. At first I thought that I had to get the boyfriend to help, but on one particular evening, I just started placing and snapping them together and before I knew it, I was sitting back and marvelling at how pretty it looked! While I did have to cut a few pieces to fit along the edges, I had a power saw that literally did the job in seconds!

Now I can enjoy my outdoor space with clean and polished tiles so I can be barefoot and happy!


Once the beautiful flooring was complete, it was all about finding the right pieces that wouldn’t clog up the small outdoor space, but would appropriately fill it to achieve that homey feel. As I mentioned, I decided to keep my existing bistro set but instead, I opted for picking up a few mini-furniture pieces along with some key decor-like items.

This Margie Stack Chair is adorable and so comfortable. Since my bistro set is more for dining, this chair is my ideal spot for enjoying a fresh lemonade or morning coffee on weekends. With that laid-back style chair, I knew that I wanted something that I could either use to put my feet up and relax or just use as a mini-table for my drink or for essentials like books, iPad and whatever else I wanted to have on the balcony with me. This Keter Knit Stool is multifunctional and really helps tie everything together on the balcony.


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Note: The Keter Stool I no longer see on, but this is a link for reference, however I do still see it available in the stores I’ve been to.


How perfect is a mini charcuterie board with some wine on a warm summer evening!? I picked up a piece of marble tile from Home Depot to use as a serving tray!


Aside from the two pieces of furniture, I filled the remaining outdoor space with loads of greenery like these hanging potted Ferns. Even from when I was young, my mom always had huge ferns around and outside the house, so naturally I had to pick up two to fill the space without creating clutter, and rather than creating a large flower pot, I opted for a gorgeous Hibiscus plant. Sadly, the fuchsia flower didn’t decide to bloom until the morning after I shot the balcony space, but I am loving how it all turned out!

The stripped Outdoor/Indoor Cushions, Wicker Planter (holding one of the ferns) and the white Large metal lantern were the perfect finishing touches to the balcony look and of course, a refreshing glass of fresh lemonade doesn’t hurt either!

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Products from Home Depot were given for this post, however all opinions are my own!

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