Beautycounter Launches in Canada

Beautycounter Launches in Canada 


I chuckle to myself when I think that I never used to consider myself a “beauty girl”. I loved fashion, decor and all that other jazz, but I never felt connected to the beauty industry until about three years ago. Mind you, I had my brands I liked, products I used, but I never really gave myself the opportunity to try new things and understand beauty and the products available to me.

That all changed when I really dedicated my time to care for my skin, understand it and what it needs and really dig deeper into what actually works for me. Now, I’m gaining the knowledge (which I love sharing with you all) and can firmly say that I know the difference between a ‘blah’ product and an ‘Ah-Mah-Zing’ one.

I had heard throughout the grape vine about the Beautycounter brand and honestly, I only heard great things so I’ve always been curious. Lucky for me, the Santa Monica-based company has launched in Canada since March and when the package of products arrived at my door step, I was eager to test it all out!


Dedicated to increasing access to safer personal care products in the Canadian market, Beautycounter offers safe and high-performing skin-care and beauty products through a multi-channel distribution platform including e- commerce, strategic partners, and a network of Independent Consultants.

It’s amazing how many harmful ingredients are in beauty products offered to us today, so as I mentioned that I’m learning to gain more knowledge about beauty products, it’s so comforting to know that Beautycounter has made it their mission to increase transparency in the beauty industry.


I’m currently obsessed – and I mean obsessed with the Balancing Face Oil which is nourishing and bringing the life back to my skin after the weird Toronto weather. I also find that the hand cream is basically living in my purse and I don’t leave home without it! You really can’t go wrong with any of the products from Beautycounter which include  The Face Collection, Rejuvenating Collection, and Face Oils that are available now in Canada.

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