How To Build a Curvy Girl Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build a Curvy Girl Capsule Wardrobe

How To Build a Curvy Girl Capsule Wardrobe


This post really isn’t just for the curvy gals, but I have been getting so many questions lately on how I shop, where I shop and where to get specific items to help build a wardrobe, so I thought that I would get into the habit of sharing more of my tips and tricks!

The truth of the matter is that I struggle just as much as the next gal and frankly, sometimes it’s even harder since I don’t exactly fit into a category – meaning i’m not a standard size and I am not a plus size but I’m an “in-between”. However, sometimes I get the best of both worlds and I can dip my hand into each section depending on the store and the style of garments.

I tend to get a lot of questions and i am always open to suggestions and discussion. I wouldn’t exactly say that I have outrageous style, but I do like to look “put together”. I switch up my style based on my mood, and my closet is anything but cohesive, but one thing I do have is the classics. Even though I don’t have an easy body to shop for (I have a large chest and broad shoulders), I think shopping right is the first step towards looking your absolute best and of course, feeling like a million bucks!


Classics Are a Must.

Classic pieces like tees, denim and blazers are the first step towards building a capsule wardrobe. You want pieces that you can wear time and time again that you can mix and match effortlessly with the rest of your wardrobe. Classic pieces are also an easy way to give you a put together look while having the option to add a fashion-forward piece or play with accessories like hats, bags and shoes!

When thinking about the classics, go for items that have never gone out of style and keep it to a neutral colour like black, white, grey or beige. A few stores that I have been loving for classic pieces ( as an in-between curvy gal) are GAP, Banana Republic, Reitmans, Le Chateau and Topshop to name a few.


Fit is Everything.

A classic isn’t a classic if the fit isn’t right. For curvier ladies, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right fit which is when tailoring comes into play. I would much rather go up in size to fit my tricky areas and then tailoring the rest of the garment to fit.

Ladies, I cannot stress this enough, but do not be afraid to go up a size. I have had this discussion with so many women, and It’s crazy to me how many women are just afraid of going up a size just because of the number, but not focusing on the number will help you immensely. At the end of the day, nobody knows what number is on the tag but you, so why let that determine how your clothing fits? A larger size may actually offer a more flattering fit, so why not try the options?

When shopping, try on more than one size and don’t immediately think that the size that fits you is the right size. Tailoring is your friend and pay attention to the fit before the number on the tag.

Organization is Essential.

After each season, go through your wardrobe to see what worked for you. Get rid of items that no longer fit right, or items that you want to update. Organizing your wardrobe will not only make shopping easier, but you will be amazed with how much more you love your wardrobe when things are in its rightful place. This is a great time to reinvent new looks and even replace some existing classics. My weight can fluctuate sometimes, so I’ve learned to play around with sizing and taking my absolute go-to pieces and shopping for replacements.

Organization is about listening to your body, knowing what works, what doesn’t and learning to fall in love with your wardrobe with every passing season.


Think About Your Lifestyle.

A capsule wardrobe isn’t the same for everyone. It depends on your job, what you like to do for fun and what comfort means to you. Building your capsule wardrobe is based on what works best for YOU and YOUR style. For me, I work from home but I do have the rare fancier occasions, so I have learned to build my wardrobe on basics, a few statement items that I love and of course, a few go-to pieces that I can add to amp up any look. If you work in a strict office, you will of course have more structured and business casual pieces in your wardrobe with an obvious pair of classic denim for casual fridays. If you are still in school, then invest in great layering pieces so you can get more wear out of your entire wardrobe all year long.

While some of these tips work for any gal of any size, it’s important to build something that will stand the test of time. Stick to classics, stay organized, focus on the fit and invest in the essentials and you will have a capsule wardrobe that you feel confident about!


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