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Miami Beach in Bikini Village

Miami Beach in Bikini Village  If you follow me on Instagram, then you are either sick of seeing my Miami grams or loving them as much as I do. Either way, I’m still posting and reliving all the fun and…

0 Comments / June 24, 2016


Reitmans Summer Dress Collection

Reitmans Summer Dress Collection As the first day of summer arrives, I am so full of excitement for what’s to come this season and the unlimited outfit options I have after a few (too many) trips to my favorite stores…

0 Comments / June 21, 2016


GOTO Style: Mellow Yellow 

GOTO Style: Mellow Yellow  The most underrated colour to wear has to be yellow for me. With a summer tan, yellow (or mustard) if you will, looks amazing and I’m reminded every time I wear this beautiful Le Chateau blouse. Again,…

0 Comments / June 16, 2016


H&M ‘For Every Victory’ Collection

H&M ‘For Every Victory’ Collection “This is a collection about performance with great style and the input of the Swedish Olympic team has been invaluable in the creation process. The result is high fashion technical sports pieces for everyone to…

0 Comments / June 16, 2016


GOTO Style: Back At It Again

GOTO Style: Back At It Again  I’m back at it again with these culottes! This past weekend was a scorcher, but I have to admit that I’ve been desperately looking forward to the warm weather so I am not even…

0 Comments / May 30, 2016


Bench Festival Lineup Collection

Bench Festival Lineup Collection Festival fashion has become almost as important as the festivals itself. Whether you go for the boho approach or keep things edgy and original, festival fashion is all about having fun which is why more and…

0 Comments / May 27, 2016


kENZO x H&M Collaboration

kENZO x H&M Collaboration  Another collab for the books is on its way! Following the madness that was Balmain x H&M, the fashion retailer has announced their latest designer collaboration with KENZO. Since joining the house in 2011, Carol Lim and…

0 Comments / May 25, 2016


GOTO Style: Denim and White FTW

GOTO Style: Denim and White FTW  Denim and white all day every day. I am just loving white and denim paired together these days. Even though it was chilly AF this past weekend, the weather has been perfect for LWD’s…

0 Comments / May 16, 2016


Fifth Harmony for FASHION’s Summer 2016 Issue

Fifth Harmony for FASHION’s Summer 2016 Issue Am I the only one that has “Work from Home” permanently stuck in their head? I’m pretty obsessed and as embarrassing as it is, I think I have the chorus dance sequence down….

0 Comments / May 10, 2016


GOTO Style: Classy Fringe

GOTO Style: Classy Fringe     Working a job that calls for more casual clothing has led me to have a more basic wardrobe. Loads of essentials of course, but I felt like where I was lacking was dressier blouses and pants that…

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0 Comments / May 5, 2016