Celebrating Life’s Precious Moments with Bonnefett...

Celebrating Life’s Precious Moments with Bonnefetti

Celebrating Life’s Precious Moments with Bonnefetti


I was lucky enough to grow up in a rather large family – number 7 of 7 to be exact, and while growing up made me a professional when it comes to sharing, I was also brought up understanding what it meant to celebrate life’s precious moments. While we may not have been big on “gifts” for small achievements, we were really big on making note of them.

Luckily, I started my relationship with my fiancé 10 years ago, and aside from sending love e-mails, we were big fans of writing cards to each other as well. From anniversaries, to birthdays and those “just because” occasions; I still tend to keep my cards, stationery and cherished mementos that remind me of the special moments in my life.


Fast forward 10 years, and I am just as in love with cards, stationery and little mementos as before, but now it may have turned into an obsession. There is just something about receiving or giving pretty stationery or a thoughtful, beautifully made card that fills me with so much joy! I have even made it a habit of writing a card even if it’s a Thank You because they are so rare now! And with friends celebrating new babies and engagements, and even now that we are engaged, I’ve been so excited to gradually send out Thank You’s and Congratulations to those who have sent thoughtful gifts or for the friends who I get to share precious moments with! It’s also the perfect time with the Holidays approaching, when I get to enjoy entertaining at home with friends!

Whether it’s a big celebration, or I’m just having friends for a get together leading up to the holidays, I have been going crazy for the Bonnefetti brand. The Toronto-based premium paper goods company was founded by Abby Yew and Nancy Ng who both decided to get back to the classic pen and paper approach, and have done so in the most charming way! In a world filled with e-mails and social media, it’s so heartwarming to see a local company shake things up and bring back the written word using pretty designs and premium quality!


From birthdays to anniversaries and baby or bridal showers, Bonnefetti offers the perfect stationery for any celebration. I have already used the adorable wrapping sheets from their Animal Friends Collection to wrap a baby shower gift and it was a hit when the Mom-to-be locked eyes with the wrapping. I’ve also sent a few Thank You’s using the Have Heart Collection; the perfect pink and gold heart details keep things simple and classic or the Box of Sweets Collection which is exactly that – super sweet.

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with sweets on a card!

DSC04590 copy

For my latest Holiday get together though, I incorporated my current favourite Bonnefetti products From their Holiday Collection, which added a charming personal touch. I have been beyond obsessed with both the Signature Collection and Holiday Collection, and they perfectly completed each gift. While the Sassy Wine Tag “Fuckin’ Right!” is a winner in my book, the entire, and I mean every single piece of this collection is so fab. Both the wine tags and note cards come in a Sassy and Classy set so depending on who you are gifting, you can keep things sassy or classy and write your own personal note for so many occasions. The Holiday collection is equally as fabulous with its graphic colouring on both the cards and wine tags that make any gift that much more festive!


Regardless of which collection you go with and for whichever occasion, there is no doubt that you will feel all the feels when you give your loved one a special gift using Bonnefetti stationery. After all, Bonne + confetti represents celebration of thoughtful connections.

And isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?

Visit for more information, but scroll below to see some of my favourites from Bonnefetti and how I used them!

DSC04574 copy


This post is sponsored by Bonnefetti, however all opinions are my own!

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