Chanel No5 Campaign feat. Gisele Bundchen

Chanel No5 Campaign feat. Gisele Bundchen


The full film for Chanel No. 5 starring Gisele Bundchen has finally been released. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, the new advertisement not only features the allure of fragrance, but for the latest iteration by Baz Luhrmann, the story focuses on today’s real women.

Alongside hunky “Games of Thrones” actor Michiel Huisman, Giselle goes from riding her surfboard in style to rocking a photoshoot and then finally finds her love again while donning a sexy LBD, showcasing the true Coco Chanel spirit as director Baz Luhrmann admits:

“It’s the spirit of Coco Chanel that has continued to influence the house. She’s about paradoxes in character – one minute she’s be in trousers on the beach, the next she’d be in a beautiful frock,” Luhrmann said. “That’s what I love most about Chanel – it comes from an actual person and the things that she felt and that were real to her. She really changed fashion.”

Watch the video below and view more images from the campaign. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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