Charlotte Tilbury 5 Minute Makeup Routine

Charlotte Tilbury 5 Minute Makeup Routine

Charlotte Tilbury 5 Minute Makeup Routine


They say “You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce” but we all know that doesn’t always fly. Yes, we all have as many hours in a day, but I have no doubt that Beyonce has loads of help. Even with her makeup!

Of course we can’t deny that we all hit snooze more than we should in the morning, so naturally our makeup routine is typically cut short or we are really making a mad dash to get it down so you can look put together, but sometimes, all it takes is a few key products that will have you looking fresh faced and beautiful for your day.

Charlotte Tilbury has made our lives easier and introduced 4 different Quick n Easy 5 Minute Makeup Looks– all designed to give you a polished look without all the effort, and while 5 minutes may not feel like enough time to really get that look, I assure you that (give or take just a few minutes) you can nail this look down so you can be on your merry way!


Natural Glowing Look

Step 1: The most important thing for me, regardless of my time is my skin, so after applying my typical daily skincare, I apply Wonder Glow to my skin and under my foundation so I can get a luminous look. If timing is really tight, I also like to mix the Wonder Glow with my foundation. I am actually obsessed with this product since it gives me that JLo glow with a slight shimmer so my skin looks dewy and fresh!

Step 2: When it comes to my makeup, my everyday look consists of glowing skin, a great lip colour and a very minimal eye. When I am in a rush, I stay away from liners and intense shadows, but I always focus on the brows and lashes with a soft shadow colour. Once the brows are complete (I have actually perfected the quick eyebrow application), I apply the Colour Chameleon Shadow Pencil to give my eyes some dimension. The Amber Haze shade is perfect for brown eyes, so I am always reaching for it to speed up my makeup routine.


Step 3: I then add a few coats of Legendary Lashes to my top and bottom lashes. To make things easier, I like to get lash extensions, so in this case, I just have to coat the bottom lashes. This literally takes 30 seconds but makes all the difference!

Step 4: Like I mentioned, skin is everything even when I’m in a rush, so the Beach Stick in ‘Moon Beach’ comes in handy. The beautiful peach shade compliments the skins glow and soft brown smokey eye and with a few dabs on the cheek, you get the look in no time at all. It’s also handy on the go to keep in your bag for touch ups throughout the day since you don’t need a brush to apply it!

Step 5: Last but not least, a swipe of my current favourite lippie! Very Victoria is a stunning nude shade and fits for every occasion. The luminous matte formula gives the perfect everyday colour to my classic bronze-luminous look. This is the perfect “cherry on top”!

See below for more of the products used in this 5-minute look and shop the Quick n Easy 5 Minute Makeup Looks here!




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