Christmas Tree Hunting

Christmas Tree Hunting


I’ve mentioned this here and here on the blog before, but one of my favourite moments about the Holidays is our Christmas Tree Farm tradition. For as long as I can remember, my family has made it a point to visit the Drysdale Tree Farm up north to cut down a tree and have a little fun in the process.

And since moving out, it has become a tradition that I can now enjoy with my fiancé, Stuart and one that I hope to eventually pass on to my family!

To be honest, this tradition is one of, if not my most favourite of this season. I have so many fond memories growing up of our Tree Farm experiences. The years when there was snow up to knees, or the snowball fights, and even the new traditions like enjoying breakfast at a small diner before heading to the tree farm in lieu of my sisters homemade chilli after the tree cutting have made for some beautiful memories.

And this year, even though there was no snow and some of my siblings couldn’t make it, it was still an unforgettable experience! We enjoyed a horse drawn buggy ride, walked the rows and rows of beautiful green trees, and sipped on hot chocolate, making for a perfect day to welcome the Holidays.

And now as I write this, we have our (a little too big) tree up in our condo and the Christmas music is on, so now all thats left is to decorate!








Coat  – Zara / Boots – c/o Cougar Boots (Mine + Rachel’s) / Hat – Lack of Color / Turtleneck + Denim – GAP

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