Coffee Shop Hangouts

Coffee Shop Hangouts

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As of recently, I have found that quaint coffee shops or “cafe’s” are my favourite place to soak in life, gab with a friend and even shoot blog content – honestly.

Oh yeah, and I’m not talking Starbucks!

I have been blogging for about 8 years now, and things are completely different than what it was – for the good and for the bad. With all that change though, comes a weird feeling about the work I’ve been creating and I’ve been desperately trying to bring life back into my work, so I’ve opted for cafe’s, beaches, parks and anywhere I can find inspiration to help me get my mind and soul back into blogging.



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I refuse to call this phase a “slump” because I’m still hustling and I haven’t stopped, but the creativity and the inspiration is hard to find sometimes when you are constantly hearing about the Instagram Algorithm BS and where blogging is going, blah blah blah.

All I know is that I truly love what I do – with all my heart, and while it’s difficult to not focus on the numbers or feel down at times, I know that my hard work will pay off and the love and respect I have for my work and this industry will make everything balance out.

I am however NOT an Instagrammer and my blog has always and will continue to be my #1 bae, so rather than sharing my thoughts on Instagram, Instagrammers and fake this and fake that, I’m just going to sit here, blog away and remember why I began this journey in the first place…

To share what I love, offer as many tips and help as I can to those who need it, and just share some inspiration because more often than not, we all just need to be inspired!




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Dress – Le Chateau / Sneakers – Superga / Sunglasses – Free People / Bag – Rebecca Minkoff 

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