Cooking Up Décor Advice; An Interview With Design ...

Cooking Up Décor Advice; An Interview With Design Duo Glen Peloso & Jamie Alexander

With so many Spring/Summer trends being thrown at us from every corner, I decided it would be great to sit down with the creative minds behind newly formed Peloso Alexander Interiors, design duo Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander, to sort through the confusion and learn how to shop for the perfect space.

What I got was a practical recipe for approaching design, as well as a sneak peek at the hottest trends coming out in décor.

Most of the trends we’ve been seeing come from a variety of sources and are created from last-minute influences, they said. These trends may not always reflect design trends that have actually been decided seasons in advance.

reclaimed wood
This spring it’s all about our love of things 50s and 60s.

G&J: The kitschy avocado stove and filtered, muted colour palettes that feel saturated and warm, almost recycled colour – not pastel – is what you’ll see. Also, reclaimed, weathered and barn board are other things you’ll see a lot of.

I for one love the character they add to a space, as you can tell. But what I found most interesting from my conversation with the fabulous duo, who just so happened to finish each other’s sentences, was their approach to décor and how to tackle design a space.

G&J: Our philosophy is the same. First we ask clients about the architecture of their space. Then, their hopes, goals and aspirations, and we mix it together. We’re like chefs that can cook anything.

GOTO: What’s the biggest mistake clients often make?

G&J: One of the worst things you can do when designing a space is not plan ahead. It’s all about planning.

G&J: You wouldn’t go to a grocery store and shop on an empty stomach. You’ll put everything in your cart and it’ll end up with a hodgepodge, versus when you shop with a recipe in hand. When people shop for furniture, they’re often shopping hungry. Never go shopping with an empty house.

And, the food analogy continued when I asked, “okay, once you have your plan, what’s next?”

G&L: Get the big pieces first (the chairs, sofa, coffee table…) They take the longest to order (6-8 weeks), then the rugs, drapes, throws and pillows. You wouldn’t put potatoes and fish in the oven at the same time to cook would you? It’s all about timing and waiting for all the elements to come together, so you can ‘put them on the table at the same time, all cooked to perfection.’

G&L: It takes a new home 4 months to come together, so be patient. I have had clients tell me, I don’t like a rug, but how do you know? There is nothing else in the room to compare it to.

GOTO: Describe your style in a few words.

G&J: Clean Lines (Glen) vs pimping modern (Jamie).

… two unique styles I think help create a great mix of creativity. Keep an eye out for their new furniture line soon to hit local retailers.

Don’t miss Glen and Jamie, appearing at the National Home Show March 14-23, 2014.


Images taken at Jamie’s King Street East store.


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    Nick I

    10 March

    Amazingly written! I’m looking forward to going by their exhibit at the national home show! Thank you again!


    • Dani Goddard
      Dani Goddard

      18 March

      Thanks for the love Nick!