Cool Theme Ideas For Your Next Party

Cool Theme Night Ideas For Your Next Party

Who doesn’t love a good party? Fine company, cocktails and music, all washed down with a vigorous dose of good cheer and similarly enthusiastic costumery; having a wonderful party in with friends is truly a thing to be savoured! If you want to party hearty but don’t know what exciting theme to pick for your night though, don’t worry – we’ve got a few ideas for themes that will have you raising the roof ’till the early hours!


70s Groove

Disco music is the life and soul of many un-themed parties, so why not craft an evening around the big-haired, sequin-dappled era? Ridiculously oversized star-shaped sun glasses, afros and bell-bottoms are the attire of the 70s themed night, and with a mixture of amazing disco classics blasting out of the speakers, you’ll all have a ball, especially if you have one of the glittering, spinning variety!

Rave Party

Re-live the nights of your mis-spent 90s youth with a rave-themed evening that will get everyone up and jumping! Yes, it might not be as hedonistic as nights such as these were during rave music’s heyday, and probably won’t run until the mid-morning, but with bum bags, neon clothes and UV lights, it’ll certainly feel a lot like the real thing!


Wine Tasting

A lot of people simply don’t get enthused by the idea of rip-roaring, late-night party endeavours, and as such a more relaxed and civilised theme is called for; wine tasting! Get each of your guests to bring a (good) bottle of wine, lay out the cheese, crackers and snacks and download and print off a wine tasting sheet for each of your guests that allow for the notation of flavour, body and region, among many other variables.

Toga Party

Perhaps one for my more college-aged readers, a toga party is a heck of a lot of fun and very cheap to run. Crack out the red and blue disposable tumblers, college rock music and beer pong and you’re in for a winner of an evening!

Hawaiian Tropics

This is a no-brainer option for a fun themed party. Grass skirts, coconuts and tropical drinks make the night festive and allow for loads of fun. Perfect for an outdoor party, this option is great for a backyard bash so guests can wear hawaiian shirts, tropical prints and flowers in your hair. For food, go for fruit and fresh ingredients and when it comes to decorating, think of your dream Hawaiian vacation and go from there!


Casino Night

Crack open the poker table, roulette wheel and pack of cards and enjoy a casino-themed night of excess! Of course, you’ll need to get your less-casino-knowledgeable guests to practice in the run-up on online gambling sites such as Uptown Aces, honing their skills in order to get the most enjoyment out of the evening’s activities, and when you all rock up in your finest, flashiest casino attire, sipping on Old Fashioned cocktails and prosecco, the night will be a roaring success!

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