How To Cozy-Up Your Home For The Holidays

How To Cozy-Up Your Home For The Holidays

How To Cozy-Up Your Home For The Holidays 


Excuse me as I go ham on Christmas this year!

Even though I have only begun shopping for my loved ones, my home is the only thing that is CLEARLY ready for the holidays. And while I do live in a condo and we aren’t overwhelmed with space, I do like to keep things simple, yet festive this time of year. I’m also a firm believer that less is more, so naturally, it’s the small changes that are making things look ultra-cozy and festive around the condo.

From faux fur pillows, to holiday-themed greenery and of course, all the plaid, here are a few simple ideas that are sure to cozy-up your home but will make a huge impact (without it looking like Christmas threw-up in your home)!


Go Plaid Or Go Home

Okay, you caught me. I can go for plaid all year round, but truth be told, this time of year is when plaid is on high alert. Not only did I recently pick up this gorgeous plaid throw from Homesense just last week, but I have kept these Pendleton mugs for years, and they are very special to me. Of course, plaid can look a little ‘cabin in the woods’ if done wrong, but if done right, it can be the perfect colourful touch for the Holidays.

Rather than picking up large plaid pieces, go for a subtle touch like dish-ware or a simple throw and even a statement pillow – trust me, it will go the trick!


Colour Pop 

Like plaid, this time of year is when the rich hues are all the rage. You will no doubt see them in all the stores and rather than keeping things crisp white and light, go for some contrast and add some deep colour to the mix. I am OB-SESSED with emerald green right now, and I’m loving how it looks cozied-up alongside some faux fur and it also creates a little texture to your home decor.


Winter Greenery 

Of course I want greenery in my home all year long, but the winter and leading up to the Holidays is when I go crazy for winter-esque greenery. Aside from the traditional Poinsettia (which I always pick up for the condo) I also love creating bouquet’s with seeded eucalyptus or silvery dollar eucalyptus which give a wintery feel but it still doesn’t look so “Christmas”, if that makes sense!

When all else fails, you always can have a real Balsam Fur Christmas Tree of any size and not only will it look so festive in your home, but it will smell like heaven! And yes, I have grown up with real Christmas Trees, so I can assure you that even though it isn’t as clean as a fake one, it’s real which in my opinion, beats the fake stuff any day!


Dim The Lights, Light the Candles

My fiancé calls me a pyro, but really I just love candles – pretty sure I’m not alone either. A candle is an immediate cozy mood-setter, so naturally, this time of year is a perfect moment to spark the flame. For the Holidays, I always go for a festive scent like Pine or Apple Cinnamon and even something a bit more musk to create more depth which easily sets the cozy mood in your home!

What are some of your tips that help cozy-up your home?

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