Create The Ultimate Bathroom Experience

Create The Ultimate Bathroom Experience

Create The Ultimate Bathroom Experience 

Who doesn’t love spending an evening soaking in the tub with the Kindle. Catching up on a good book is a lovely way to unwind too, and as a former shower-aholic, my skin thanks me for converting to the tub-dweller I have become. Don’t get me wrong, my bathroom isn’t perfect, and it isn’t very big, but it will surely do for now, but I have to admit that my mind does wander to all the things I could do in here to create the Ultimate Bathroom experience:



Who doesn’t want a roll top bath? Not only is it an adorable addition to your bathroom, soaking in a big tub with a glass of wine and a good book sounds like heaven, so that would be a must!


From cement tiles on the floor to marble tiles on the wall, there are a number of directions you can go for tiling your bathroom. I’m partial to marble for its dramatic but clean look, but cement tiles add to the luxurious feel of a quality finish with its geometric shapes which look great as a floor tile. 





As much as I like a plain white wall in the bathroom, the walls is where you can set the mood for the entire bathroom. Going for deeper, moodier colours would contrast with the bathroom tiles, and complement the floor tile tones nicely.  I especially love how white linen looks with dark walls! 


Okay. I know accessories like Waterproof TVs and speakers don’t come cheap, but I still like to fantasize about having the Ultimate Bathroom, so I think they absolutely belong, if done right. I’d never get out of the tub! A sound system and TV built into my bathroom sounds pretty extravagant but could really set the mood for the bathroom experience. Even a simple waterproof radio can be a great addition so you can listen to your favourite soothing music as you take a relaxing bath and recharge. 

The Ultimate Bathroom is probably a little bit extravagant and excess to my needs, but some of the ideas can easily be transferred to my real life bathroom.

Time to soak. brb 

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