Curvy Girls Guide To OTK Boots

Curvy Girls Guide To OTK Boots 


Most of the DM’s I get are from gals looking for tips on how to style particular items – curvy gals to be specific. Now, I am not claiming to be an expert, but since I receive a lot of questions, I thought it would be the perfect time to include more curvy gal -related topics here on the blog. And of course, the idea of “curvy” or “plus size” is always a rather interesting topic, because what exactly is “curvy” and what exactly constitutes “plus size”? However, since I fluctuate and I am considered an in-betweener (between plus size and regular sizing), I thought that I could offer a few things for both sides of the spectrum.

With that being said, you can expect a lot more help from me here on Girls of T.O so you can feel confident in what you wear and put together and more than anything, feel F%$#@*&^ amazing!

Now, if you have seen my looks here on the blog, you would know how much i LOVE a good OTK boot. They are sexy, comfortable and frankly, keep you toasty when the weather is chilly. However, they aren’t always easy to shop for and style when you aren’t born with tiny proportions. And though I do have rather thinner legs, my thigh/calf ratio is so off, so sometimes I have a baggy bottom and tight top, so shopping is not always easy, so ya girl knows it can be tricky!

But enough about me blabbing, let’s get into some easy-to-follow tips!


Shop, then Shop Some More!

The right over the knee boots are not always easy to find but they are absolutely available to most gals. The big tip I have for those looking to pick up a pair to fit their body shape is to SHOP! Yes, even if you think you found one that works, shop around until you find the absolute perfect pair. After all, you really don’t know how good they are supposed to feel until you feel that magic pair, and with so many available in most shoe stores, there are so many different styles, so keep trying them on until you think you can say yes to the dress shoe!

Choose from an OTK boot with a tie detail, elastic top or full zipper.

Pair With Long Black Pants

For those looking to elongate the legs, pair a heeled OTK boot with sleek black leggings, tights or black pants. They will literally transform your look and they are guaranteed to flatter you. I love a pair of black opaque tights paired with an OTK boot and a miniskirt or mini dress or a sleek pair of leather leggings with an oversized knit sweater- it makes the legs appear longer which is a win-win!


Break ‘Em In!

Like most shoes, over the knee boots look and feel better once they are broken in. For me, I have very skinny calves, but my thighs are much bigger, so I had to work in my boots with thick thigh-high socks around the house so the top wouldn’t look too tight. You don’t want the boots to appear too tight and stiff, so strut around the house in them until they feel like butter to walk in!

Don’t Forget the Calves!

Calves can be the most annoying part about looking for the right over the knee boot, so again, shop right! With most brands offering  a 15” circumference around the biggest part of your calf, there are some brands that have as wide as 18” to 21”. If the calf is the main focus, opt for shopping online and be sure to look at the dimensions for the width of the calf which might help determine whether they are a good fit.

Worst case scenario, if you order too big, you can always go to a shoe repair and have them altered to fit (or just wear cozy thick socks)!


Thank you Dynamite/Garage for partnering on this post!

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