Decor With Something To Say

Typography is hot!

On pillows, on the wall, in the form of giant metal monograms, framed, in block letters or delicate script – I love it all, but when done right.

When used sparsely in a room it can be a fantastic way to personalize your space and add some well thought-out meaning.

Eloquence never goes out of style. Ok fine, maybe “You had me at hello” isn’t the most poetic thing you’ve ever heard, but put it in a cool typeface and frame it and you got yourself a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Finding a print that tells a story can definitely lengthen it’s shelf life in your life, but it can also do so much more, like be a great conversation starter.

While walking the aisles at the recent One of a Kind Show I found a few fabulous uses of this trend that I just had to share and wouldn’t mind in my home.

nicole tarasick_yyz brown pillow

You’ve probably seen these around, but may not know the who is behind them. The brainchild of Nicole Tarasick, these simple yet fabulous pillows and her textiles have become highly coveted. Pillows, who knew?

nicole tarasick_north pillow
nicole tarasick_confederation pillow
Tricia O’Quinn is the graphic designer behind TRICIA O, a design boutique based in Burlington that offers modern retro style graphic art prints and chic paper goods that you’ll want in your home – like now! If you don’t recognize the name yet, you will soon, as everyone I’ve shown her work to immediately falls in love. Her pieces are vibrant, fun and always engaging. Things I love my artwork to evoke.

tricia o_2
tricia o_1

Then there’s Said The King, a Toronto-based company founded by Karen King, that tries to stir up a story with their products in as few words as possible – and succeeds. I love that these hand printed pillowcases entitled “fuck, you love me,” get right to the point, allowing you to leave your partner with a handful of choice messages.

Just be sure to arrange accordingly when you have visitors stop by. In addition to their pillows, most of their pieces are fun and uncomplicated and stick with simple materials like wood, ceramic, screenprinted fabric and cement.

said the king_fuck you_love you

I fell in love with Cedar Mountain Hand Made Gifts. Everything showcased at their booth was designed and manufactured in founders Don and Suzanne’s own backyard studio by a team of nine people, two dogs and one cat.

Whether it’s a sleek black and white wooden Subway Sign or a vintage-inspired Typewriter Sign painted a warm cream colour, you’ll find a saying that speaks to you. Here are a few of my favourites.

cedar mountain_had me at hello
cedar mountain_type
And last, but definitely not least is the coaster. We must not forget about this often overlooked accessory. VersaTile by entrepreneur Dan Fallak, turns million year old stones into premium marble drink coasters that you’ll want to frame more than slap your drink on.

vtiledesign passive agressive coaster
Would you incorporate this trend into your home?

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