Derek Lam 10 Crosby Fragrances

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Fragrances


Being a fan of Derek Lam’s past collections along with his contemporary 10 Crosby line, I already knew getting into the fragrance market was only going to be another success for the designer. Lucky for me, Sephora was kind enough to gift me the set to try and after giving it a go, I couldn’t help but share my thoughts and love for the fragrance collection!

Appropriately named, Derek Lam 10 Crosby, the fragrances are like no other. Rather than sticking to one fragrance as most designers do, Lam opted for 10 different scents that represents his brand as a whole -making it perfect for anyone and everyone!

Inspired by moments remembered by Lam while looking out the window of his 10 Crosby office in downtown Manhattan, a scent like”Hi-fi,” for example, was inspired by the moment “you hear someone blasting music from the car window and want to join in, while the fragrances themselves are a perfect assortment of musk and floral scents to wood and amber accents making each shade just as wearable as the next.

I’m still working on figuring out which are my current favourites but I just find myself switching them up and actually successfully layering them perfectly depending on my mood.

If you are a gal who loves a good scent, or ten, you must pick up this box set which is available now at Sephora online and in stores.
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