End of Summer Picnic in Prince Edward County

End of Summer Picnic in Prince Edward County

End of Summer Picnic in Prince Edward County


Just this past weekend I revisited Prince Edward County, and just like the visits before, I had a beautiful and relaxing weekend. I even have to mention how lucky I’ve been, visiting PEC when the weather is absolutely per-fect-ion!

While I did have some blog-related work today during my visit, I told myself that I would do those few things that are totally meant to enjoy in a serene setting and that included one final picnic hurrah! As I’ve mentioned here on the blog before, I’m a sucker for an adorable and tasty picnic and though I can easily have one in the fall, I thought this was the perfect time to enjoy my last summer picnic amongst the beautiful greens and flowers.

During my stay this time, I stayed at the most adorable airbnb trailer (more of that to come). Aside from the space being so beautiful, we were also lucky to have some outdoor space to call our own and enjoy the outdoors. For a late lunch on the first day we arrived, I set up a charcuterie board along with some favourite add-ons and desert and I also had to complete it with my new favourite, Jacob’s Creek Moscato which conveniently now comes in a can!


A comfortable way to enjoy my Moscato, I loved the addition of Jacob’s Creek Moscato Cans as we enjoyed the outdoors, gabbed like gals do and dug into the tasty charcuterie platter! Not only are the cans super cute, but it was great for our little private staycation since I had zero wine glasses to watch and I felt a little more comfortable enjoying the can rather than worrying about wine glasses at our private trailer! Not having to lug around bottles of moscato was also a huge plus!

There has been a serious boom of wine in cans, and knowing how much I loved Jacob’s Creek Moscato, I am so thrilled that i get to enjoy the taste, but now with convenience! Whether you want to plan a gathering, setup a cute picnic like I did, or just looking for a tasty and handy option for when you’re at home, definitely give the Jacob’s Creek Moscato Cans a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

You can find Jacob’s Creek Moscato in a can at your local LCBO for only $4.95 and visit here for details on which LCBO locations have it in stock!



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