Essential Trends You Need in Your Home

Essential Trends You Need in Your Home

Essential Trends You Need in Your Home

Is your home in need of a facelift? Do you want to beautify your bedroom or revamp the lounge? Whichever room you choose for an overhaul, you’ll need to check out our top 2016 tips below.



One of the biggest trends in home decor for 2016 is the tropical motif. We’re talking palm trees, flamingos hula girls, and pineapples. This is a fantastic summer look as you can rock it both inside and outside of the house. Essential items for this look include these flamingo pillows from Tiger. or how about a funky pineapple mug from American Apparel and these fake light up palm tree which you can find via this link for artificial tree reviews. If the look is a bit full on for you, just take small elements and work into your decor. It certainly is a fun, fresh look that will keep you feeling tropical and summery all year long.


Another favorite look at the moment is the nautical look. Think white cotton twill, blues stripes and rope accents. We are seeing this in both fashion and home at the moment, and it’s a crisp, clean look for the summer months. A real advantage of the nautical trend is that it is a good unisex look, so can work well in a masculine or feminine room. It’s all about how you dress it. If you want to go for detail, then think anchors, porthole mirrors and rope light pulls, or keep it simple with framed prints of sailing boats.


Ice cream Colours

Another trend for 2016 is ice cream and pastel colors. These are light airy and inoffensive and can be used on walls or soft furnishings. There’s also a huge range of pastel ornaments and accessories, which work particularly well in a bedroom situation. Just think about a beautiful dressing table laid out with pastel storage and organization pots for all your makeup and jewelry.

Colour as Decoration

With a slight Mexican fiesta influence, getting color into a room via the decoration is something we’re going to see a lot of going into 2017.  We’re talking clean white walls, and an eclectic group of decorations with kitsch and metallic notes. You can go for some crazy contrasts and clashing colors because the white the walls dial back the intensity, however, it’s not the easiest look to get overnight. This is because it rely’s on you collecting mirrors, frames and favorite pieces of artwork over a period of time ready to display. Have a look at the stuff you are currently hoarding and see if you can make it work in your room.


Gold Accents

Metallic accents are very popular at the moment. Think Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. A splendid way of doing this is through picture frames, light fittings and accessories like vases. Another way of getting some metallic accents into your room end and combining the tropical trend is to get a geometric terrarium. These are glass cases in which you can either plant succulents or stole jewelry. They give a cutting-edge modern feel to the room.



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