Five Places To Visit In Dubai


Five Places To Visit In Dubai

Dubai is no longer the sand-washed outpost of the desert that it was one hundred years ago. It’s now a glitzy, opulent, cosmopolitan haven for shoppers, sun worshippers, and families. It’s chock full of luxury hotels, gigantic malls, historical winding streets, and incredible architecture – the latter two reminding us that it’s not just a city of opulent excess, but a historical and cultural hub from people all over the world as well. If you’re on your way to Dubai, or even just considering it like I am.

Here are some sights you just can’t miss. 


  1. Burj Khalifa

When you’re in Dubai you just can’t miss the world’s tallest building. Towering over the entire city at 829.8 meters, like a finger pointing to the sky. The 124th floor observation deck is a must-see for anyone with a head for heights, as the 360 degree views span for miles over the desert. It’s best to buy your tickets online before you go, as the queues can get ridiculously long, especially at weekends.

  1. Burj al Arab

If you want a luxury place to stay (and you’ve got a few million dollars to splurge) why not check out (or drool over) the Burj al Arab, the world’s only seven star hotel. With chauffeur-driven Rolls Royces, revolving beds, and more luxury than anyone’s used to, it’s a sight to behold. Don’t worry about forking out for a night, the bar and restaurants are open to the public for a cocktail or two. Talk about Instagram-worthy! 

  1. Dubai Shopping

Dubai’s shopping experience is one of a kind. There are just so many malls to choose from, all completely different from each other. The Deira City Centre mall is particularly popular, with over 300 stores to choose from it’s easy to lose yourself for a day. The Mall of the Emirates even has a dry ski slope inside, and the Dubai Mall even has an aquarium. After a day of shopping, you’ll definitely want to book a Dubai taxi to transport you and your shopping bags back to your hotel for a glass of wine and a foot massage in one of the many spas and hammams of the city.


  1. The Bastakia Quarter

Dubai isn’t all glitzy bright lights and luxury hotels. The Bastakia Quarter is a historic section of the city filled with old buildings, idyllic winding streets, stunning mosques, and the most incredible selection of boutique shops, art galleries, cafes and bars. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a day, make sure you check out the Bastakia Quarter.

  1. Deira Souks

Another way to leave behind the bright lights of the city is to head towards the incredible markets of Deira Souks. With every spice, silk, and incense imaginable, it’s a real treat for the senses. There’s even the Deira Gold Souq, the world’s largest gold bazaar – perfect for honing your bartering skills. The Souks (markets) get really busy with shoppers, but the atmosphere is electric.

Dubai is full of incredible sights, and the food is incredible too. The whole city is a mix of old and new, rich and poor, and so many cultures coming together to make a truly unforgettable experience.  Of course it would be on the must-travel list for many, including me! 

Goals people, goals!

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