Fool- Proof Tips For Keeping Cool in the Heat

Fool- Proof Tips For Keeping Cool in the Heat

Staying cool in the searing heat of the summer sun isn’t always easy, but it is always important. It can sometimes feel like you are slowly being baked, roasted or broiled. Getting some respite is a number one priority so what are the quickest, most effective ways.

Get to the water, lots of it

Heading down to the river can be one of the best ways to keep cool, as well as relaxing and having some fun. Even if you don’t feel like jumping in, the water cools the air the air as it flows across it. If you don’t live near a large body of water, a paddling pool can work in a pinch.

Get some ice cold drinks and popsicles inside you

Is there anything more refreshing than the thought of popsicles and ice cold drinks on a blisteringly hot day? Stock up on your favourite treats and enjoy the sun in style.

Open the windows, and hang wet bedsheets across them

The heat from outside will evaporate the the water droplets in the fabric of the bedsheets, which in turn will help to cool down the room. You would be surprised just effective this simple trick can be!

Turn the A/C up

You can turn it up just a little bit, and without your bill going up too much either. A professional air conditioning service can help you choose the most economical unit for you and your home.

Try not to cook inside

When it’s already as hot as an oven outside, you don’t need to turn on the one inside either do you? Instead take the opportunity to cook outside, or even see how creative you can get with fruits and salads and really challenge yourself.

Get to the shade

The very best shade that you can find is under a big tree. Trees are the best for this, since they cool the air by absorbing the heat in it as they transpire. At the same time as they are performing this minor miracle, they are also blocking out the direct sunlight stopping you from burning.

Make sure you are well hydrated

Water could literally be your saviour in the heat of the summer sun, and it is vital that you keep as much of it around as you can. Remember – if you are starting to feel thirsty, then you are already dehydrated. Keep safe and make sure you get plenty of water or other liquids inside you.

Keep the air flowing through the house

When the hard edge of the sun has dulled a little, and the air is beginning to cool at last open up your windows and doors to allow the breeze to cool your home. A cool house is much more pleasant place to sleep in and makes for a good night’s sleep.

Keeping cool in the kind of heat that can cook eggs on the ground is never going to be an easy task, but it doesn’t have to be an impossible one.


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