Formula X #ColourCurators Collection With Rose Sia...

Formula X #ColourCurators Collection With Rose Siard

Formula X #ColourCurators Collection With Rose Siard 


“These romantic classics will have you falling in love over and over again!”—Rose Siard, Makeup by Rose XOXO

Incase you haven’t noticed, Formula X nail polish has been teaming up with some of the best beauty bloggers, Youtubers and fashion enthusiasts for a limited edition Colour Curator collections that represent the influencers style and aesthetic. Some of my favourites were Song of Style’s and the Ashley Graham’s collection, but I have a new love for the latest collection and it without a doubt makes me feel like this collection represents me the most!

The latest limited-edition collection of Formula X nail polish shades is curated by Rose Siard of Makeup By Rose XOXO. As part of an exclusive, on-going #ColorCurators collaboration, the collection consists of romantic classics, inspired by her true loves: makeup, music, and her guitarist-husband Ben. Not only does the collection provide 10 days of gel-like wear and shine, but this specific collection with Rose Siard offers three gorgeous shades that I personally feel every girl needs in her nail polish collection.


Featuring Acoustic Dreams, a dramatic chocolate burgundy—Siard’s go-to stage polish—it’s inspired by her mother’s favorite lacquer, which she fell in love with as a child; Puffin!, a rich mink gray, is dedicated to her husband; and Mahhvelous Rose, a rosy mauve she’s waited years to find, which represents her love for all things beauty.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect nail colours to transition from summer to fall, this is definitely my pick! The collection is available now for $16 each at Sephora.

Get them while they are hot!


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