Fun Foodie Date Night Ideas

Fun Foodie Date Night Ideas

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It’s true when they say that food brings people together and I am the first to attest that. Whether it is for a family gathering, holidays and even getting together with friends, food is most likely involved. Food is also generally a conversation starter, which is why when it comes to date nights – first dates and while in a committed relationship, food can be a great way to not only get to know someone, but of course, keep everyone smiling!

Now, I know I’m not the only one that smiles when I know good food is involved!

Check out a few fun foodie date night ideas that are sure to be a hit.


Go For a Wine & Cheese Tour

Nothing goes better together than wine and cheese, so a wine and cheese tasting is a no-brainer for a great date idea! There are so many ways to go about a food tour, but either way you can enjoy sampling wine and food pairings while also going for a romantic walk in the vineyards and learn a thing or two about what you’re sampling and about the winery itself.

It really is a great backdrop for a food-inspired date idea and with so many customizable options like including lunch or touring cellars, it creates such a romantic scenario for you and your date

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Take a Cooking Class

Whether you are a wiz in the kitchen or you don’t even know what a paring knife is, a cooking class for date night can be a lot of fun! It gives you the opportunity to interact with your date while creating something tasty that you can enjoy once the cooking is complete. Much like a cooking class, a cake decorating class (or even any baking class in general) would be equally as sweet.

Regardless of what style of food you are creating though, you will have the opportunity to get intimate as you cook and while partaking in a little conversation.

Search your local area for classes at your local bakeries and find pop-up classes and scheduled classes through social media. They are actually everywhere!

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Netflix & Chill Food

I’m naturally a bit of a homebody so the idea of a Netflix night filled with tasty eats is totally my jam. And while you’re at it, you can incorporate all of the date ideas above and enjoy a little cooking, some wine and of course, food.

64% of women say that their ideal date night consists of staying in wit their partner and enjoying a bag of chips with a bottle of wine so of course I agree because sometime its the simple moment that really allow you to reconnect with your loved one! The fiancé and I love our cozy date nights at home now that the fall chill is here. All it takes is a bottle of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Chardonnay paired with Miss Vickies Parmesan & Roasted Garlic Potato Chips along with a few additional treats to create the perfect spread for nibbling.

As I’m sure most women will agree, a delicious glass of rich tasting wine paired with the perfect salty, and in this case, garlic potato chip is a match made in heaven. Charddonay also happens to be a favourite of mine as well and anything garlic flavoured is A-Okay in my books, so this was an especially perfect date night at home.

It also doesn’t hurt to include a little competitive jenga game! (I do get pretty competitive.)

While our favourite kind of date night is one with Netflix, wine and chips, you can’t go wrong with any idea for your next date!

What are some of your favourite foodie date ideas?

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