How to Get Guests Involved On Your Wedding Day

How to Get Guests Involved On Your Wedding Day

How to Get Guests Involved On Your Wedding Day


It’s your big day, and the couple are always going to be the main focal point of the wedding, however, the best weddings always make sure to show the guests the respect and love they want to feel. After all, they’re the people you’ve decided are important enough to come bear witness to the biggest day of your life. So, how do you make sure your guests get the most out of your wedding?

Make it a holiday

When considering a wedding abroad, you always have to consider the barrier that travel can be to some people and how convenient a location is to all your guests. However, if you can make a location fit their travel needs or provide a little assistance to get them over, then using a destination to make a ceremony even more special can be just the right touch to make sure they have fun. Beyond enjoying the ceremony, itself, it’s their perfect excuse to travel to a gorgeous far-off land they might not otherwise.

Get them truly involved

You can have your guests actually play a role in the ceremony (or at the very least the celebrations after) as well. Instead of keeping a unity candle ceremony between the bride and groom alone, for instance, you can choose some important guests to play a role in it, too. Or you can think of a fun, exciting way to get them celebrating like having them pick up an easy instrument at the reception to kick things off with an explosive musical procession.


Put their personality on display

Do you really love and enjoy the personality of the guests you’re inviting to the wedding? Then a simple, traditional guest book might not be the best way to let them express themselves. Take away the memories not only of the day but of the people there by using a more memorable way for them to leave their mark. For instance, photo booth providers like Booth Boy bring plenty of props and extras to help them leave an image in entirely their own style. It’s a great way to break the ice after a ceremony and keep people in the party spirit for the reception, too.

Something to take away

You’re going to be receiving a lot of gifts from people who have spent money already just to get out to the wedding, so showing a little appreciation is always a good idea. Whether it’s something useful, something tasty or something that’s supposed to have lasting sentimental appeal, Brides Magazine has a great list of examples of wedding favours you can leave for your guests. If you don’t have any, it will be most noticeable and might even result in some hurt feelings.

Finding the balance between your own wants and your guests needs can be tricky, but often just a little touch here and there is enough to make them feel more engaged with the ceremony. It will help them have more fun and get them more emotionally engaged so, why wouldn’t you?


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