Get Sleek Straight Hair Without the Damage

Get Sleek Straight Hair Without the Damage

Get Sleek Straight Hair Without the Damage


As someone who tends to wear their hair wavy on the regular, lately I’ve been noticing the popularity of straight hair and to be honest – I am loving it! It brings me back to high school when I used to crave that pin straight hair and I would do anything humanly possible to achieve it – even if that meant using a clothing iron. Yes, I did that, and I know a lot of you reading this might have tried it also!

Now that I’m a lot older and A LOT wiser, I know that using an iron to achieve straight hair is not the answer. And since my high school days not only have I changed the tools I use to straighten my mane, but I know that it is all about straightening the right way – and that includes not damaging your hair also!

Here are a few tips that have helped me along the way!


Use a heat protector: While your hair is damp and after your hair is completely dry from blow drying, lightly spritz a heat-protectant onto your hair before you begin the drying process. The heat can be so damaging, so why not prep your locks!

Smooth it out: Take a few drops of smoothing serum in your hands and apply to your hair before blow drying. Not only does it protect your hair but it smooths out frizz as well!

Blow dry properly: Though some may think to use a round brush, a flat paddle brush is the way to go. Stick to nylon or boar bristles which prevent breakage and stay away from metal. Before you begin with a brush though, rough dry your hair with just your fingers until its 80% dry before you start to blow dry with your flat brush. Tip: Never blow dry your hair when its fresh out of the shower and wet as it causes more breakage and frizz.

Flat Iron: Straighten one to two-inch sections of hair at a time with a ceramic-plated iron. Ceramic-plated irons cause less damage than other flat irons and straighten hair more quickly and efficiently than other straighteners. Make sure you don’t go over the same piece of hair more than three times, though. If your hair is not straight by the third time, it may be time to invest in a better straightener.

Set your style: Turn your blow dryer to the cool setting and go over your freshly straightened hair with it to set the look, and then top it off with smoothing cream. This will keep frizz at bay and hold the hair without getting that hairspray sticky look – you know what look I’m talking about!

Not only will these tips help you achieve that pin-straight hair look, but they will help your hair stay straight longer!

My obsession with straight locks also comes at a perfect time as my recent trip to Sassoon Salon was the ideal occasion to go for a sleek and straight hair look! During my visit, I was also introduced to the new AW17 Mondaine Collection which features chic and sleek hair of all colours and cuts that I am totally swooning over. It’s most definitely giving me hair FOMO with its vibrant hair colour and edgy cuts – something that Sassoon is known for.

To see the collection and to learn more about the inspiration behind the collection, visit them online here!



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