Gifting Ideas for Your Guy

Gifting Ideas for Your Guy

When it comes to my gifting list during the holidays, I can’t help but feel as though my boyfriend is the most difficult to shop for. Whether it’s him saying “Don’t get me anything” or “I really don’t need anything”, I am always stuck wondering what to give the man who really doesn’t need anything.

While I’m sure I can think of a few things to get him, I am always struggling to think of what to get him that he will not only love, but appreciate. This year however, I am lucky to have come across a few items that are so fitting for him – each offering something original for the guy who has everything he needs, all while keeping things classic.


Something to Keep Him Cozy

My guy is one who works hard day to day in grungy clothes, so when he enjoys his days off, he likes to dress up while still keeping things comfortable. I scored this GAP sweater while shopping away on Black Friday, so I can’t wait to wrap it up and place it under the tree. As you’ve seen on the blog many MANY times, I’m a huge fan of GAP and it was only a matter of time before the boyfriend took on my obsession.

Something to Accessorize

Whether or not your guy likes to accessorize or not, you can be sure that a pair of sunnies is something that anyone can love and appreciate. These sleek Gucci shades is something I’m really excited for my guy to open up on Christmas Day and I just know that he won’t be able to take them off! Edgy enough to wear with his casual denim, but dressy enough to wear with a fitted suit, these versatile sunglasses will always finish off a classic look.


Something to Keep His Mind Busy

A good book is the way to anyone’s heart, and my guy is no different. Once I saw Canada by Mike Meyers, I knew that this would be the perfect pick for a Christmas gift. Meyers’ hilarious and heartfelt new book is part memoir, part history and pure entertainment. It is Mike Myers’ funny and thoughtful analysis of what makes Canada Canada, Canadians Canadians and what being Canadian has always meant to him. With the boyfriend being a big fan of Meyers (we were actually supposed to dress up as Waynes World this Halloween), I know that he will be psyched to open this up on the 25th!
Something for Him to Sit Back and Enjoy

The boyfriend works extremely hard at his job, so when he gets to relax, I like to make it extra special and give him something to slowly enjoy. With that, it always involves something tasty to sip on. This year, instead of adding unnecessary items and chocolates to his stocking, I opted for a bottle of Craigellachie 13. The single malt scotch whisky offers a touch of brimstone, creating a stubborn, sulphur, meaty taste – this literally describes the boyfriend. It was the Craigellachie distillery that used “worm tubs” to cool the vapor and condense the spirit back into liquid form which is what gives the whisky its flavour. Knowing how much the boyfriend appreciates a great drink on his day off, I am excited to not only see him open his gifts, but take a peek inside his stocking to see a bottle of Craigellachie 13!

Now, it’s wrapping time!

For more information on my picks for my guy visit here, here and here and see below for where you can purchase a bottle of Craigellachie 13:

LCBO (Ontario)

Craigellachie 13: $79.95
Dewar’s 12: $46.95
BC Liquor (British Columbia) & various private retailers

Craigellachie 13: $74.99
Dewar’s 12: $41.49
Liquor Depot (Alberta) & various private retailers

Craigellachie 13: $76.99
Dewar’s 12: $39.99


Thank you Craigellachie 13 for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.
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