GUCCI Bloom 

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With so many beauty products on the market and available to all of us, it can get difficult as a blogger to find the time to share every.single.product. With that being said though, it’s important to me that I share the products that I REALLY like. Not just the products that are sponsoring me (and love), but the products that I immediately add to my daily routine.

And while of course I love Gucci, just like every blogger on the planet, their fragrance it totally my new jam. I have to admit that initially, what drew me in to try this product was the brand itself because I’m a firm believer that Gucci can do no wrong, but I was so excited to learn just how much this fragrance knocks my socks off!

Blended by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, and developed wholly under Mr. Michele’s creative vision, the fragrance is created to unfold like its name and create a vision of a thriving garden full of diverse flowers and the rich perfume they emit. Gucci Bloom celebrates the authenticity, vitality and diversity of the women he designs for, and those that identify themselves in his vision.

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Filled with notes that blossom out like a concentration of flowers as Natural Tuberose is interlaced with natural Jasmine absolute. The fragrance also features the Rangoon Creeper, a first in perfume-making as it embodies the new scent’s concept and name when it changes color from white, gradually darkens to pink then finally to red when it blooms.

Sounds a lot like it inspired the packaging as well which is just stunning. The bottle itself is beautiful in all of its pink prettiness – how could you resist?!

Get a closer look at the new Gucci Bloom fragrance below!


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