Your Guide to Choosing the Right Rug For Your Home

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Rug For Your Home

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Rug For Your Home 

Are you planning to buy carpets or rugs to lay in your living room? If yes, you need to make a wise decision while choosing the color and material. There are many carpet stores that sell the rugs in different designs, colors, and materials. However, you need to choose the one that complements with your interior décor, but also hide the curry stains, pet urine stains and other stains on it. Generally, when there are stains on the rugs, then it makes the entire home look untidy.

Basically, choosing the right color has the ability to bring about a great change in the look of your room. You can lay a bright or different colored carpet in the playroom to hide the stains whereas you can lay blue or other pleasant colored rugs in the master bedroom to create a wonderful ambience in the room. Also, the room that is decorated with glass pieces, metal accessories and modern decors does not match with the rustic style carpet, so, you will need to keep all these points in mind to avoid choosing mismatched carpet color for your interior décor.

It is fact that, choosing a right carpet is a bit challenging as they have to use this carpet for a long time or at least a couple of years. Today, many people are exhibiting interest in choosing warm colored rugs, especially neutral colors, light blue and rosy quartz. In addition, the right colored carpet must ensure high durability.

To keep up the sheen of carpets despite of heavy foot traffic: If the rugs are installed in the high foot traffic areas, especially entrance way, hallway, or in the living room, then there are high chances of rugs getting stained and prone to spillages. Though, there are a few light colored rugs resistant to stains, you still need to spend money. And, buying inexpensive light rugs losses their sheen in a few days over the dark colored rugs. However, if you have pets in your home, then you need to buy dark colored rugs. It is highly recommended not to buy light colored rugs for kitchen use.

To effectively use the home space: First, you need to determine how you want your home space to look. Do you want to use carpet to brighten your room or make it gloomy? Going with a more vibrant or deeper shade helps conceal the stubborn stains on the carpets that are otherwise evident on the lighter ones. However, you should not choose dark colored carpets for the rooms with ample ventilation, since there are high chances of the color getting fade out due to continuous exposure to sunlight despite of using window treatment to protect the carpet fiber from UV rays. If you lay the dark carpet in those rooms, there form patches, thus making the room look shoddy.

To match with the design: There are a few people who want to flaunt their status and wealth in every accessories or décor that they buy for their home including carpet. By choosing the right carpet color that matches with their decors, paint color, and furniture in the room, then their carpet would stand as a focal point, so many people are showing interest in buying beige colored rugs, since this gels well with white walls and hides the pet stains and foot traffic.

To increase the room size: The small room can be made look larger by laying a light colored carpet and you can make the spacious rooms pleasing to the eyes and create relaxed environment by choosing dark colored rugs.


Written by Mary Mathis 

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