Your Guide to Pretty Hair

Your Guide to Pretty Hair

Gorgeous hair doesn’t tend to come naturally. You have to work at achieving the styles and glamorous locks we all crave nowadays. That doesn’t mean you can’t use natural ways to enhance your natural tresses. It is thought that natural ingredients, natural techniques and a natural diet can help ensure your hair is healthy and gorgeous, and of course, a great hair salon and stylist. Sure, we’re all going to suffer those bad hair days from time to time, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you overcome them. Since teaming up with Sassoon Salon in Yorkville as a Sassoon Influencer, I’ve come to gain so much more knowledge from my colourist John Beeson and stylist Wesley Hanlon! After gaining some tips from them on how to get that pretty hair I crave, I’ve compiled an ultimate guide to gorgeous hair:



It’s sad but true that keeping the tired looking ends of hair at bay will ensure your hair is light, bouncy and fresh looking. There are plenty of things that can damage the ends of hair and although it can be dreadful to chop your locks (as it always is for me) there is no doubt that it does wonders. It also doesn’t matter whether you keep your style long or short, up or down. Simply put, split ends don’t last long nor do they help hair grow, so trim them away to reveal a fresher finish for your style. Heating, styling, products, brushing, and even the weather can cause ends to dry out and split. This part of the hair is dead, so cut it away and wait for the length to return.


There are many factors that will affect how shiny your hair is. The first is your DNA. Some people are just lucky enough to be born with the genes for a certain type of hair. Your ethnic origin may have a lot to say about it, and so may your parents so sometimes you just can’t fight with what you’re born with. It is hereditary, so what you get is out of your hands, but you can enhance the shine with oils and style setters. There are even shine spray finishers that have become very popular. Shiny hair can also be a sign of a good diet. 



Speaking of diet, yes, it is quite true that you are what you eat. Greasy foods can lead to greasy skin and hair, while healthy, fresh foods, can help make your hair look healthy and fresh. There are lots of foods that are thought to enhance the quality of your hair, but remember that this all starts at the root of your hair. Most of the rest of the hair is not affected by your diet. This is why so many of us are looking to place the healthiest parts of our diet directly on our scalp and hair. Foods like coconut and almonds are especially popular right now in a creamy shampoo or conditioner product.


Sure, exercising makes you sweaty. And the sweat makes your hair lank, greasy looking and even frizzy, but the sweat also rids your body of all those toxins that build up from the environment and our diets. As your scalp sweats, it releases natural oils as well that can cleanse and purify the hair near the roots. Once you have washed it away, your hair can feel refreshed. The roots are also benefited by the extra circulation of healthy blood supply that’s pumped around your body when you work out.



Most of us don’t have thick, long, luscious hair that matches the glossy mags. We need to cheat what we have a little and use products like conditioner to offer extra body, shine, and moisture. Conditioners can also be used as an extra layer of protection against the harshness of the environment. I’m a huge fan of leave in conditioners as well after the shower to get my hair feeling nourished and ready for styling, and when visiting Sassoon, John knows that I’m always down for a conditioning treatment. I’m a firm believer that when getting your hair professionally coloured or cut, getting a conditioning treatment is really what I consider to be the cherry on top!


Few of us go through life without changing our style a few times during the week. You might choose straightening or curling irons to mix things up a little as I like to do as often as possible and up-dos and half-ups can also be quite handy for keeping hair out of your face as you work or exercise or if you’re just too damn hot! But all this styling can start to cause a little damage if you’re not protecting your hair as you go. Use lower heat settings and heat resistance spray to look after your hair and try to switch up styles like this simple but chic braid I’m styling, so you are using less hot tools!

If you’re looking for a professional colourist or stylist in Toronto and you were like me who used to search and search for a great salon to give you pretty hair, visit my friends at Sassoon Salon in Yorkville, Toronto!

What are some of your go-to hair tips?


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